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IPhone (iOS) Tracking App

As iPhone usage continues to grow worldwide, new technologies continue to develop to allow for the most user-friendly, helpful, and practical applications. To better help keep track of personal belongings, vehicles, and friends and family members, iOS software hosts quality and reliable GPS tracking apps for the iPhonethat send real-time notifications when movement is occurring with your most important people and items.

GPSWOX gets 3 major awards from FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline is indipendent platform that lets customer find the best B2B & SaaS solutions. Each year this free platform helps millions of users compare products, find customer reviews and reports from experts to easily choose the best product.

The Benefits of GPS Tracking System

With most people having a connection to a phone, tablet, or other electronic device almost twenty-four seven, the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking devices is on the rise and is proving to have a handful of advantages. GPS tracking devices are being used worldwide to help track exact locations of objects, places, and people.

The Easy Way to Stay Connected to Your Family

It is easier now more than it has ever been to constantly stay connected to family and friends at all hours of the day and night. Cellphones, and the young ages that kids are acquiring their first smartphone, have made it both convenient and possible for families to be in constant communication regardless of where they are in the world.

Top 5 advantages of car tracking devices

Car tracking devices allow you to know where your vehicle is at any given time. This can be accomplished in several ways, but the most common and simplest is a GPS tracker for car use. If you’re the only driver, you might wonder why this would be important – but as soon as someone uses your car without authorization, you’ll see the value immediately.

The GPS tracker market is worth nearly $3 billion

Yup, you read that right: the GPS tracker market is estimated to be worth nearly $3 billion by 2023. At least, that’s what the research company Markstandmarkets says – in less than five years, the GPS tracker market will be worth $2.89 billion.

The Top 6 Car GPS Trackers in 2019

Whether it’s your own car, a friend or family’s, or a business vehicle, you know how important it is to know where it is. To get peace of mind, you’re probably looking at a GPS tracker – a fantastic solution for monitoring cars in a quick, efficient, and cheap way.

The Top 5 Personal GPS Trackers in 2019

A lot of time when we’re feeling stressed, it’s because we don’t feel safe. Safe about where our kids are or about where a valuable personal item is. For that reason, more and more people are turning to personal GPS trackers.

8 Benefits of vehicle GPS tracking

Vehicle GPS tracking used to mean being able to know the exact location of an individual car or a fleet. With progress in technology over the last few years, modern car GPS tracking allows for much more data to be known than just the location.

Top Startup Business Idea for 2019

When people look at services like Uber or Airbnb, they often talk about how they wish they could’ve come up with that business idea. And that’s usually the case: by the time the business is noticed by a lot of people, that market is already so competitive that it’s hard to keep your business running.

Open source GPS tracking system and software

GPS tracking is definitely taking off nowadays, with smaller, more affordable GPS tracking devices allowing consumers to track their valuables, or businesses to keep track of their fleets and related activities.

How GPS trackers can save your life in 2020

Most of us use GPS tracking devices nearly everyday – be it in our vehicles or on our phones to find the shortest route around the traffic jam or in order not to get lost in a foreign city. But there’s much more to GPS tracking beyond simple geolocation. In this article you will learn how GPS can actually save your life in 2020.

The Top 6 Verizon Connect Alternatives Available on the Mark

Telematics today have come a long way since the dawn of the dot com era. The GPS tracking industry as a whole is huge, and today the technology the industry purveys is in nearly every IoT device imaginable; from cell phones to wearable devices, from compact cars to entire fleets of commercial vehicles.

The top 12 GPS tracker brands in 2020

Today’s GPS tracking technology has become affordable, easy to use, light and versatile. Perhaps you’re looking to simply protect and track your beloved new car, or you’ve lent it to a friend and want to know where it’s at. Or maybe you manage a large fleet of vehicles and need accurate data to save on fuel, monitor drivers or optimize routes. Either way, there’s a solution out there for you.

The Top Samsara Alternative in 2020

GPS tracking is a huge industry, with more businesses depending on GPS tracking solutions to power their business, secure their equipment, and improve its efficiency. Beyond that, GPS tracking equipment is also getting more powerful each year, offering world-class features in more compact sizes.

Telematics and Fleet Management Explained

Are you a fleet manager? If yes, you might have a long wish list for your business. Your list may include things such as meeting compliance standards, reducing fuel costs across your whole fleet, and improving your fleet’s safety record. The good news is that you can accomplish all these goals with telematics.

#1 GPS tracking and fleet management software

Eight years ago, GPSWOX was launched to help everyday people and businesses with their GPS tracking and fleet management needs. In that time, we were able to grow our business to help support our customers around the world, whenever they need it.

The Future Trends of GPS Tracking

GPS technology has come a long way—bulky devices are a thing of the past as trackers are getting smaller, sleeker, and ever more convenient to control. While there have been significant advancements in recent years, the pace of technological evolution is not backing down. The current trends paint a wildly promising picture of what GPS tracking is going to look like going forward. Buzzwords such as AI, automation, and the IoT all play a role in depicting the exciting direction that the GPS tracking industry is embracing. We’ll uncover the advancements, trends, and applications that will shape the future of GPS tracking and the profound impact they’ll have on user experience.

What Makes a Great GPS Vehicle Tracker?

In a world where everything is becoming interconnected, GPS systems provide the neural network for a large variety of daily operations, including shipping, deliveries, and vehicle management. Due to their wide-ranging potential, GPS trackers have been getting increasingly more popular for personal use too. No wonder - they make comfortable family tracking a breeze, while also serving double duty as accessible anti-theft measures. This boom is also reflected in the rapidly growing market size, which is estimated to reach $7.77 billion by 2032.

Looking After the Elderly with GPS Trackers

While a long and happy life is all one can wish for one’s elderly loved ones, it is natural that seniors will often require assistance to lead a safe and peaceful existence into their old age. Studies show that two thirds of all elderly adults need help when performing one or more daily activities. Ensuring the well-being of the elderly can greatly help them enjoy the last chapters of their life, and it is hard to think of a more noble endeavor.

Anti-Theft Made Simple with GPS Trackers

Protecting one’s belonging is an ever growing, pertinent issue in today’s world. While it is commendable to think that most people have good intentions at heart, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your prized possessions. In 2023 alone, US motor vehicle theft saw an increase of 23%, which is a worrying surge. According to FBI stats, a car gets stolen every 23 seconds. As it can take mere moments for thieves to perform their dirty deeds, an alert, straightforward solution is crucial to ensure safety.

The Top 12 GPS Tracker Brands in 2024

As we venture into 2024, GPS trackers and location based IoT devices are becoming increasingly more indispensable in a world that is so vastly interconnected. GPS devices have advanced to a point of sophistication where accurate location data is a mere starting point. Modern GPS units house an astounding amount of functionality that makes asset tracking, instantly locating family members, and managing fleets leaps and bounds easier than ever before.

GPS Tracking for Child Protection

Order child GPS tracking system, download GPS for children tracking app and track your kids location, child’s phone with child monitoring software. Best child monitoring app and software only at GPSWOX.

Teen Driving GPS Tracking

Interested in teen driving monitor? Tracking teenage drivers with GPSWOX solutions is the best you can opt to. Download teen driving apps and monitor teen driving behaviour on real time. Get apps for teen drivers online.

VIP GPS Tracking

Get personal GPS tracking software for VIP people tracking. Know their exact location on the map, get instant SOS alarms in the case of missing. Buy the best GPS personal tracking software only at GPSWOX.

Elderly GPS Tracking

Start using elderly monitoring and enjoy the best GPS tracking for elderly system at the most attractive price. Elderly monitoring: shows a tracking person exact location and many more.

Transportation GPS Tracking

GPS transport tracking software for transportation, the best solution for successful GPS vehicle tracking. Use GPS in transportation business and track a vehicles with GPSWOX solutions in real time.

Construction Fleet GPS Tracking

Buy GPSWOX construction Fleet GPS tracking systems perfected by the best tracking solutions. Start using GPS in construction and get instant notifications about the vehicles exact location in real time.

Field Services GPS Tracking

Looking for high-quality equipment gps tracking system? Order GPSWOX field service tracking software and track your field vehicles on real time. We offer equipment tracking system for an attractive price.

Rental Car GPS Tracking

Looking for reliable rental car tracking system and software? Best quality car rental GPS tracking solutions only at - GPSWOX. Start tracking your rental cars in real time and get instant SOS alerts in cases of theft.

Law Enforcement GPS Tracking

Government fleet emergency services management, demands reliable law enforcement GPS tracking. Rely on GPSWOX GPS tracking for law enforcement solutions and follow your company asset on real time.

Waste Management GPS Tracking

Looking for reliable waste management GPS tracking system for your company objectives? Buy safe and high-quality waste management GPS tracking software for a good price and follow waste vehicles on real time.

Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking

Want to follow a heavy equipment of your company? Heavy equipment GPS tracking software can be bought for an attractive price only at GPSWOX. Track in real time, see exact location, get alerts in the case of theft.

Government Asset GPS Tracking

Interested in government fleet management tracking? Order GPSWOX gps tracking software and get instant alerts and notifications about your tracking government vehicles and employees in real time basis.

Car Tracking

Looking for reliable car GPS tracking system online? GPSWOX - offers best GPS tracking system for cars at an attractive price. Tracking a car secretly on real time - a perfect solution.

Truck Tracking

Looking for reliable truck GPS tracking systems? GPS tracking for truck monitoring for a good price can be bought at GPSWOX. Buy lorry GPS tracking system and follow your vehicles in real time.

Boat Tracking

Want to purchase reliable boat GPS tracking system? GPS tracking systems for boats can be ordered at GPSWOX for an attractive price. Download boat tracking app and use it all together.

Asset Tracking

Interested in GPS asset tracking system? Asset tracking with GPS is the best solution for keeping your property safe. Get asset GPS tracking system and software today, keep your asset protected.

Trailer Tracking

Trailer tracking system - the best solution for keeping your company vehicles safe. Rely on GPSWOX trailer tracking solutions and receive: exact location, SOS alarms in the case of theft.

CEBIT 2018

Our employees from GPSWOX attended the CEBIT festival to learn more about the latest Information Technology Trends of today. This CEBIT conference was bigger than the previous ones. The itinerary and structure of the conference were completely revamped to deliver a much more impactful experience

AWS Summit Berlin

The AWS Summit in Berlin is a two-day event where technologists come together in Germany to connect and learn about Amazon Web Services (AWS). This popular summit is focused on how the cloud is helping businesses perform crucial tasks every single day.

CES in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show (or CES) is one of the largest consumer technology exhibits in the world. It’s been happening in Las Vegas every year in January for more than 50 years. More than 4,400 companies gather every year to show off their new consumer-focused electronics and devices to more than 182,000 attendees.


The GPSWOX team is excited to attend the TelematicsCEEurope conference that will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on September 15, 2022.

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