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How to start ProfitableGPS tracking Business

Ultimate Guide from GPSWOX professionals

Nowadays, GPS tracking technology is widely used in personal households and businesses. GPS tracking market is rapidly growing and has huge potential in future. According to ABI Research “GPS tracking devices market will reach over $3.5 Billion in 2019.”

People become very concerned about their safety, therefore, families start using mobile tracking apps, GPS trackers for kids etc. Companies tracking and managing vehicles, delivery trucks, cargo or employees. According to Global Market Insights “vehicle tracking market size was valued at $8 billion in 2015 and is anticipated to exceed $22 billion by 2022.” Hence, there is no doubt you should start GPS tracking business today!

“After years of hard work, big investments in development and latest technologies, we are confident to offer you solid white-label software and share valuable experience, how to start your own tracking business.”

1The right partner is key to success

In order to make your business successful you need to have a reliable and experienced business partner. Why you should choose GPSWOX? The answer is simple, we have been in your place and we know how to succeed - just in 4 years time, GPSWOX became market leader with over 100k customers base, all around the world.

Over 500 costumers across the globe started profitable tracking businesses with GPSWOX.
Read some of our clients' success stories

Why GPSWOX has over 100 000 customers:
  • People love our software’s design and usability. “Simple to use” – this is what your users will say about your services, watch video manual.
  • GPSWOX software is suitable for any type of business or industry. Track: vehicle, bike, boat, cargo, mobile, person, pet etc.
  • The software is compatible with 600+ trackers brands, translated into 20 languages, and it is full of powerful features, check all features.
  • GPSWOX platform has the most powerful admin & control panel, watch video manual.
  • Full software and mobile apps branding, check here. Change logo, modify design and request new custom feature. Get access to API and source code.
  • GPSWOX engineers setup and run GPS software for you. International support via Help Desk, mail, phone or Skype. And 24/7 urgent tech. support.

2Choose between two white-label software solutions

Monthly GPS Software Hosted on our cloud server

This software solution is perfect for companies with limited budget. You will pay monthly fee, depending on the number of objects you track, starting from only 99/month.

  • Start GPS tracking business without big investment;
  • We will install and run GPS tracking software for you;
  • Get full branding: add company logo, domain, email etc.;
  • Host on our cloud servers (99.99% uptime guarantee);
  • Get branded mobile apps and add them to app store;
  • Receive free software updates and tech support;
  • Get access to API.

Find out more.

Lifetime GPS Software Hosted on your server

This software solution is suitable for all companies, which would like to save money on a long term. Since you can buy lifetime software license and run it on your own server.

  • Save money, buy lifetime GPS tracking software license;
  • Easily install and run software on your server;
  • Get not only branding, but also request custom features;
  • Manage unlimited number of users & objects;
  • Get branded mobile apps and add them to app store;
  • Receive full support with installation and setup processes;
  • Get access to API and source code.

Find out more.

3Get full software branding

We know how important is brand recognition and unique design. In order to meet any business needs, we have developed fully customizable white-label software. Please check our software branding capabilities.

Create a new login page

Add wallpaper, text, app store links etc.

Create a new software design

Add logo, favicon, change template or colours.

All changes can be easily done
in admin panel

Start Successful Tracking Business Today! Choose White label Software

4Add tracking apps to your software

Mobile apps play big role in GPS tracking industry. Every day millions of people looking for tracking applications in App Store or Google. Therefore, GPSWOX has developed the biggest range of tracking mobile apps in the market. Choose which apps will suite you business needs here.

Note: all GPSWOX apps are white-label and can be branded for you, with your own logo, name etc. You will be able to add and sell apps in Google Play, App Store or Windows Store.

5How to choose hardware

There are many GPS trackers sellers out there. Factors to take into account are: price, quality and functionality.

Price is largely dependent on the quality of the device itself. That can be influenced by the quality of the materials it's built with. Also, the location of where the device is built. We have tested different GPS trackers brands from China, and we must admit, some of them are really good quality, for example: Coban, Meitrack, Ulbotech etc. Watch video about one of them.

Functionality is what you'll be looking at once you've decided what your target audience is. If you're only looking to track the location of personal car, then a simple Chinese GPS tracker will work. However if you're looking to add other features, such as fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters, temperature sensors, locked-door statuses etc. then you'll need a more sophisticated GPS tracker like Teltonika, which is made in the EU.

In GPSWOX e-shop we have decided to mix and resell Chinese GPS trackers, and more expensive trackers from Europe. Therefore, each customer depending on its needs can buy one. Check all our GPS trackers.

6Create professional website

A solid website is very important, because it helps you establish credibility as a business. However to create modern website, is cost and time consuming. Therefore, we have came up with idea to create and offer you ready to use professional website for a small monthly or lifetime price.

You will get full package:
  • Design that's optimized for the best results (sales, contacts etc.)
  • Website coding and publishing
  • Branding (you will be able to add your name, logo, texts, pictures, colors etc.)
  • Connecting website with tracking software (user registration and login windows)
  • E-commerce integration with PayPal or other system (sell trackers and software)
  • Social media integeration (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Onsite optimisation (SEO), you will get ranked higher in Google
  • Website hosting on our powerful server (globally-opmtimised speed)

See web site demo.

Start Successful Tracking Business Today! Choose White label Software

7Top advertising tips

Without advertising you wont get customers, its obvious. However, how to know which marketing channels are most profitable?

Here you will find few tips from GPSWOX marketing department:

  • In the beginning try to find online sources, where you can advertise for Free, for example, GPS tracking catalogs, free ads portals etc.
  • Start advertising with Google Adwords and you will get visitors the same day. However, due to some keywords popularity and high search volumes, click prices can be high.
  • In the long term, do SEO (search engine optimization) To rank higher in Google you need to do onsite and external optimization. More info about this topic you can find in other sources.
  • And the last but not least is social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) To register your brand there is free, however to get people follow you or get likes, you need to buy ads. Nowadays social media is very mature, people don’t like commercial posts, so you must be creative and share interesting and useful content.

Note: we would not recommend advertising in other digital networks, except Google. Also forget advertising on TV, paper magazines or big outdoors, since its very expensive compared to online, and the targeted reach is much lower. As the time flies, try different online advertising channels, and you will see what works for you business better and where your ROI (return on investment) is maximum.


We hope you found this guide interesting and useful for starting your tracking business. We have invested a lot of money and time to develop this tracking platform and apps. So your task is simple, just take it, learn from our experience and get thousands customers all around the world. If you have questions please click here we will be happy to help you!

Start Successful Tracking Business Today! Choose White label Software