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GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Software Advanced telematics

Award-winning software:

Complete GPS fleet tracking solution

  • Suitable for any type of business or industry
    Software is perfect for tracking and managing: vehicle fleet, cargo, logistics, taxi, car rental, heavy equipment, healthcare, law enforcement, cell phones etc.
  • Branding and customization capabilities
    Check branding capabilities here. Software delivery takes less than 24 hours, after payment is received. Branding and additional trainings are done afterwards. Watch user manual here. You can also order new custom features to fit your business needs.
  • Compatible with any GPS tracker & sensor
    Software is compatible with more than 600+ trackers, check full list here. If you can’t find your device, contact us and will add it. Software also supports various sensors and accessories.
  • Software works in all countries, 30+ languages
    GPSWOX software perfectly works in all countries. It is suitable for any type of business or industry. Software is translated to over 30 languages, check demo here
  • Powerful features: history alerts, reports, etc.
    Watch quick user manual here and explore all GPSWOX software features such us: geofencing, alerts, advanced reports, driving behavior and fuel monitoring, etc.
  • 3 levels of user access: Admin, Manager, User
    There are 3 levels of users: Admin, Manager, User. Admin can create Managers and Users. Managers can create Users only and they will not see each other and their devices.
  • API access, Payment gateway
    Create third-party applications using our simple API, documentation: https://gpswox.api-docs.io. Integrate PayPal and charge your customers for services.
  • Get branded apps and add them to the App Stores
    GPSWOX has different mobile tracking applications. Mobile apps are perfect for employees tracking etc. Download apps for free here. We can also brand apps with your name, logo etc.
  • Free software setup, free updates, free training
    No tech. skills needed, our engineers will setup and run software for you. You will automatically receive all updates with new features etc. After watching user manual here, if needed, you will get a personal training.
  • International support via mail, Skype
    All business customers get 24/7 support. After you purchase the software, you will get access to the prioritized technical support via help desk.
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Globe Software perfectly works in United States

GPSWOX Fleet Tracking Software Benefits:

Manage benefit

Track and manage any object in real time on your PC or phone. This includes: cars, buses, motorcycles, services, deliveries, heavy-duty trucks, taxis, cargo, construction equipment, etc.

Fleet Tracking Security
Fleet Tracking Security

Millions of dollars are lost every year due to the theft of cargo, vehicles, trailers, etc. The GPSWOX fleet management software can play a major role in preventing both vehicle and cargo theft, as well as aiding in recovery.

Resolve Billing Disputes
Resolve Billing Disputes

Accurately record arrival and departure times at customer locations. Usually, fleet tracking is the only data you need to resolve customer billing disputes.

Lower Insurance Costs
Lower Insurance Costs

A GPS fleet tracking system not only helps in the detection of theft or unauthorized usage and in the recovery of stolen vehicles and cargo, but it may also qualify you for discounts on insurance premiums. Many providers offer rate reductions between 5% and 12% for vehicles equipped with GPS devices. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Increase Fleet Efficiency
Increase Fleet Efficiency

Use fleet tracking to analyze service-call duration and identify situations where unproductive time is being spent. Optimize routes relative to current traffic and weather conditions.

Reduce Fuel Costs and Liability
Reduce Fuel Costs and Liability

Reduce speeding, idling, and unauthorized usage with GPS fleet tracking. Use vehicle-specific reporting to incentivize driving habits that improve fuel efficiency.

Reduce / Prevent Unauthorized Usage
Reduce/Prevent Unauthorized Usage

Using GPS tracking units, monitor all vehicle activity in terms of location and time. Use the GPSWOX fleet tracking and management system to identify and reduce unauthorized usage.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Lower Maintenance Costs

Following a scheduled maintenance plan is the key to lowering fleet maintenance and repair costs. The GPSWOX fleet tracking system allows maintenance to be scheduled by a variety of criteria: miles driven, operating hours, time elapsed, etc. When maintenance is due, a report indicating the required action is generated. Using a well-managed scheduled maintenance plan, expect to cut M&R costs by up to 10%.

Fleet management software and telematics

This easy-to-use online GPS fleet tracking and management software is accessible from anywhere, at any time. View real-time fleet positions and historical fleet activity with easy-to-use lists and satellite/map imagery.

  • Configurable alerts for instantaneous notification of exceptional conditions
  • A variety of reports for detailed and summary fleet information
  • Dashboard of the entire fleet
A powerful fleet management software
Full fleet tracking system branding

Full GPS fleet tracking system branding

Add your logo, change template, colors, etc. Customize the login window.

Maps, street view, traffic and other details seamlessly integrated

View current vehicle locations or vehicle path/history plotted on rich, detailed maps with satellite imagery. Integrate your fleet tracking with Google Maps, Google Street View, or Openstreet Maps, as well as custom map sources. Define points of interest, custom map layers, and other relevant features for flexible dispatching and security.

Maps, street view, traffic and other details seamlessly integrated
>Manage your fleet on the move, with GPSWOX Mobile Client

Manage your fleet on the move with the GPSWOX mobile client

The GPSWOX Mobile Client is a version of our web-based fleet management software, but specially designed for smartphones or tablets and available in the iOS and Android app stores. The GPSWOX Mobile Client is easy to use, intuitive, and uncluttered. GPSWOX also provides a browser-based website optimized for hand-held viewing. Put the right information in the right hands with the GPSWOX Mobile Client for mission-critical business management.

Download app here

GPSWOX works with any GPS tracker on the market

GPSWOX has years of experience working with multiple GPS fleet tracking trackers (2G/3G/4G) and supports various sensors, parameters, and features of any modern GPS tracker today. Furthermore, we can integrate any new or custom GPS tracker of your choice.

GPSOWX works with any gps tracker on the market
Solutions delivered from the cloud, hosted in secure, state-of-the-art data centers

Solutions delivered from the cloud, hosted in secure, state-of-the-art data centers

Because we understand that your data is mission-critical and time sensitive, GPSWOX fleet tracking system solutions leverage modern, highly scalable, cloud-based architectures.

Integrate fleet data into your enterprise applications via GPSWOX web service API

Integrate real-time GPS fleet tracking location and other data into your dispatching, payroll, mobile-resource management, CRM and/or ERP systems with the GPSWOX API. We provide all the sample code and documentation needed to get you up and running fast.

Integrate fleet data into your enterprise applications via GPSWOX web service API
Infield live picture capturing

Infield live picture capturing

Capture images in real time or on event via a connected camera with GPS tracker.

Manage multiple users, permissions, etc., with our flexible user-hierarchy management features

We understand that your business is complex and may comprise different users with different information access requirements. You may need to restrict a user’s access to a set of vehicles or to specific time periods, or limit a user by functionality. You may also want to have a corporate-wide view to your fleet’s reporting and alerting while maintaining a diverse user base. GPSWOX fleet management solutions provide tremendous flexibility for administrators in managing the user-base within a complex, geographically distributed business context consisting of multiple departments, access rules, etc.

Manage multiple users, permissions, etc. with our flexible user-hierarchy management features
Scheduled maintenance, remote diagnostics, and incident details – powerful features for better decision making

Scheduled maintenance, remote diagnostics, and incident details – powerful features for better decision making

Customize scheduled maintenance plans (mileage, operating hours, or time lapse) for each vehicle in your fleet. Periodically generated reports indicate vehicles requiring maintenance. Remotely determine fault codes and other triggered error conditions, and get detailed vehicle operation data pertaining to potential incidents/accidents with our fleet management software.

Monitor Driver activity data using the iButton/RFID

If your GPS tracker supports iButton/RFID, you can monitor more information about the driver with our fleet tracking:

  • Assign/reassign drivers to vehicles automatically
  • View vehicle data (speeding, hard braking, idling, etc.) within the context for the driver
  • Authorize drivers to specific vehicles
  • Use driver logon/logoff as timecard for driver payroll
  • Create driver logs for DOT reporting
Monitor Driver activity data using the iButton/RFID
Communicate with drivers and capture field data using the Mobile GPS Tracker app

Communicate with drivers and capture field data using the Mobile GPS Tracker app

With our online fleet tracking & management Mobile GPS Tracker app you can do the following:

  • Send messages to a specific driver
  • Assign jobs/tasks to specific drivers
  • See status of jobs/tasks in real-time
  • Design and deploy field-data capture forms
Download app here

Customer Reviews

Moe Saleh,Viewtech
GPS tracking business was started in 2011. Around 3000 devices now. Looking forward to have a professional and updated platform with good features to be able to continue in the market due to high competition.
GPSWox.com userMoe Salehreview
Mr. Mohamed Eshikh,Assafir
I glad to worked with your company ... the software great and stable, with a little some problems happening sometimes, I'm sure your company doing well for the best.
GPSWox.com userMr. Mohamed Eshikhreview
Steven Michiels,You Trace
We bought the software in the beginning of this year (2017) and start selling in March. It is easy to use. Use to setup by us or the costumer. User friendly.
GPSWox.com userSteven Michielsreview
Alim Sinnette,GSR Tracking
24/7 Support and because the public imagae is more professional compared to other providers. So far it’s been good.
GPSWox.com userAlim Sinnettereview
Mr. Antoine Bartolo,Worldfone 1 Co. LTD
GPSWOX has a good base functionality, which we can develop further to our specific needs. It also covers the initial starting point we required from multiple end with regards to app support, branding, multi-language, multi-device. GPSWOX also gives us security in term of long term customizations and regular updates, as well as the ability to provide basic driving quality reports, without obviously forgetting the value for money.
GPSWox.com userMr. Antoine Bartoloreview
Enrique Pasten,Encuentra GPS
I started on the tracking business on Aug 2010. And found GPSWOX was my best option when they started business. I started with 40 units on GPSWOX tracking platform and now I track more than 1000 objects. After several years on using different tracking platforms I found the best way to do great business. and get the best support than any other platform.  Very satisfied to work with GPSWOX.
GPSWox.com userEnrique Pastenreview
Jan Zitek,My Simphonie
High level of service and features offered, independency in terms of used features, realisation L/T, support and of course reasonable cost. As of today I have no claims or negative feedback. Beginning was a bit slower but our specification was not perfect too, after some clarification the level of service is pretty good – we are happy.
GPSWox.com userJan Zitekreview
Collin T. and Ian G.,Mobile Technologies Inc.
50 to start and now we'are increasing that number with GPSWOX. The ability to intgerate their system, with ours easily, as well as the mobile app integrations.
GPSWox.com userCollin T. and Ian G.review
Yuri Peña Villa,Sicoise
It is really fast and efficient. Its interface is clean and intuitive.
GPSWox.com userYuri Peña Villareview
Les Klingel, Sr.,onPoint Tracking
I love working with GPSWOX. The software is easy to use and intuitive. GPSWOX has an advanced feature set and the developlment team is great to work with. They actually listen to concerns and address all requests to better the software. Adding new hardware is fast nd inexpensive.
GPSWox.com userLes Klingel, Sr.review
Jonathan R.,NCT Support
Beginning we had 10-20 now we have over 500+ units. GPSWOX has just been amazing all around from (pricing, interface, performance, learning curve)
GPSWox.com userJonathan R.review

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