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VIP GPS Tracking

Tracking a VIP or public figure is very important and difficult operation, since it requires great concentration and also knowledge. These days, even the best guard can miss a dangerous assailant, who pose a threat to their tracking persons. To avoid this not allowed situation, today we present new and reliable tracking method that can even save a life.

Going together with rapidly growing technologies, GPSWOX offers new and modern solution - personal GPS Tracking.

Tracking and Notifications

GPSWOX personal GPS tracking software - ability to track a VIP person in real time. More precisely, real time tracking provides an opportunity to see the exact location of a VIP person you are following. In order to have all the tracking information in one place, we also offer historical tracking, which immediately saves all the accumulated history that has been recorded from one time to another. Not to mention, our GPS solutions adapted to this specific tracking, includes complete notification and reports data that can be available to be read in many different formats, such as PDF, XLS, CSV and etc.

More Capabilities

Since every update or novelty has a significant impact to the device or software in general, every single detail is very important. To make a personal GPSWOX Tracking system be the best of all, we also provide strong security features that are responsible for keeping all your data safe.

You represent a professional company where many well-known faces play a crucial role? Create a better image of your company by taking care of the most important people who are the key to success. Track your VIPs, get all notifications about their exact location to your computer or smartphone that has the internet access and keep calm, since no one would dare to encroach to their safety.

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