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How to start using GPSWOX software?

Look at our list of supported GPS trackers here, and find out if your device is supported by GPSWOX software, if not please contact us.

If you do not have GPS tracker, you can purchase one from our online shop. Also your Android / iPhone / Windows mobile can be transformed into GPS tracker with Mobile GPS Tracker application.

Registration process:

1. Click "Sign Up Free" in the top right corner of this page and create GPSWOX account, more details here

2. After you login, add your GPS tracker to your GPSWOX account. Enter your device "Name" and "IMEI" number, more details here

3. Configure your GPS tracker to send data  GPSWOX servers. 

4. Make sure GPS and Internet connection is activated on the device. Wait for the device to get a satellite fix (this can take some time and it is best achieved outdoors with clear sky). 

5. After some minutes your GPS tracker will appear on the GPSWOX software map.

How to configure GPS tracker?

All GPS trackers, must be configured before start tracking them online. Look at full list of GPSWOX supported GPS trackers here, and find out if you device is there, if not please contact us.

And please follow guidelines below:

1. Buy SIM card with internet plan.

2. Remove SIM card’s PIN code. Click here to see how to do it on: iOSAndroidWindows Mobile

3. Insert SIM card in to the GPS Tracker.

4. Configure your GPS Tracker to send data to GPSWOX.COM servers. Configuration examples can be found here. Also, please set timezone to 0.

5. Your GPS Tracker is ready to send data!

How to learn using GPSOWOX software?

Just watch user manual or read documentation and start tracking with ease! 

What can I track with GPSWOX server?

You can track literally everything: vehicle, person, pet, mobile, bike, boat, cargo etc.

Where can I check all software features?

All features shortly described here, But you can also use demo or watch user manual.

Does GPSWOX software works in all countries?

Yes, GPSWOX software works in all countries. For the best software performance we have allocated GPS servers and data centers across all regions.Therefore, we have over 60k happy users all around the world.

Is GPSWOS software multilingual?

Yes, software is translated into 20+ languages.

Does GPSWOX software supports any GPS tracker?

GPSWOX software supports most GPS trackers’ brands, see full list. If your tracker is not listed, please contact us, and we will make it compatible with the software.

Does GPSWOX software supports sensors?

Yes, GPSWOX tracking software supports vide range accessories and sensors: drivers identification, camera, microphone, battery sensor, ACC ON/OFF, door ON/OFF, engine ON/OFF, fuel tank sensor, GSM sensor, odometer sensor, satellites sensor, tachometer, temperature sensors etc.

How to setup sensors?

Sensors setup manual here.

What is the differences between free and paid plans?

Mainly tracking plans differ by the number of objects you can track and features. You can compare all plans here.

What are payments methods?

You can pay with PayPal, Visa, Master Card or make International bank transfer.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel or upgrade subscription at any time.

How can I upgrade my tracking plan (subscription)?

Just go to software product page, order a new tracking plan and the old subscription will be canceled automatically. Sometimes to activate a new plan, you need to sign out and sign in to your tracking account again.

What mobile tracking apps I can download for Free?

GPSWOX offers full range of Free tracking apps for personal use and business - full list of cell phone apps.

How to begin using mobile GPS tracker?

Watch short video manual here.

Which app is best for tracking my family?

Family Locator app or Cell phone tracker would be the best choice.

Is GPSWOX software suitable for any type of business and industry?

Yes, GPSWOX platform is universal and full of powerful features. You can track literally everything: car, van, truck, person, cell phone, pet, bike, boat, cargo etc.

I want to start GPS tracking business, which software solution to choose?

You can choose between two white label software solutions:

Monthly - White label Software (we host and you pay monthly fee), check here.

Lifetime - White label Software (you host and there is one-time fee), check here.

I want to track my vehicles fleet and employees, which software solution to choose?

There are 3 options:

Pay monthly depending on the number of objects you track (1-50), check here.

Pay monthly depending on the number of objects you track (1-1000), check here

Buy lifetime license and track unlimited number of objects (1-unlimited), check here.


What are top benefits of Monthly – White label Software (we host)?

This software solution is perfect for companies with limited budget. You will pay monthly fee, depending on the number of objects you track, starting from only 99/month.

Top benefits:

  • Start GPS tracking business without big investments
  • We install and run software for you, on GPSWOX servers
  • Full branding to match your company identity
  • Get API access
  • Free updates to the latest software version
  • Powerful cloud servers (99.99% uptime guarantee)

What are top benefits of Lifetime – White label software (you host)?

This software solution is suitable for all companies, which would like to save money on a long term. Since you can buy lifetime software license and run it on your own server, without monthly fees.

Top benefits:

  • No monthly fees, buy lifetime GPS tracking software for only 2440;
  • Track & manage unlimited number of users and GPS devices;
  • Easily install and run software on your server;
  • Full branding to match your company identity;
  • Get API and Source Code access, add custom features;
  • Full support with installation and setup processes.

I would like to test your software before the purchase, is it possible?

Yes, you can get access to the business demo server and try all features, admin panel, connect and test your trackers and many more. Request your free trial at sales@gpswox.com

Do I need technical skills to star using GPS tracking server?

No. Our engineers will setup and run GPS tracking software for you.

How long takes branded GPS tracking software delivery?

GPS Tracking Software will be installed, customized, after we receive payment in 1-2 working days. Additional training and branding changes will be implemented afterwards. 

How long takes branded mobile apps delivery?

Android app branding usually takes 1-2 business days.  After the app is branded, you will receive APK file, which you will upload to Google Play and it will be published live immediately.

iOS app branding and publishing usually takes from 2-7 business days, since Apple reviews all new apps and sometimes it takes up to 1 week. Submission to App Store is done by our developers.

What cell phone tracking apps I can choose for business?

GPSWOX offers full range of Free tracking apps for business. Full list of mobile apps here.  All these apps can be branded for you with your name, logo etc.

If I purchase white label software now, can I order apps later?

Yes, you can order branded apps and other extra options later.

Can I charge my customers for services?

Yes. Charge your customers for services, connect PayPal, Visa, Mastercard etc.

Will I get access to software’s API?

Yes, you will be able to create third-party applications using our simple API.

Will I get access to the software’s source code?

Yes, you will get access to front end PHP files.  But only if you purchase Lifetime white label software.

Can I modify software and add custom features?

If you purchase Lifetime white label software solution - yes, you can modify yourself, however we will not be responsible for any software bugs and errors. Therefore, we strongly recommend to order new custom features from our professional developers (for only 90/hour development fee)

What are server requirements if I want to host on my own server?

Operating System: Linux CentOS 7 - 64bit.

1-100 devices - 1 Core CPU, 3GB Memory, 10GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 1Mbit/s

1-500 devices - 2 Core CPU, 6GB Memory, 20GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 4Mbit/s

1-1000 devices - 2 Core CPU, 8GB Memory, 40GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 10Mbit/s

1-3000 devices - 4 Core CPU, 16GB Memory, 60GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 20Mbit/s

1-6000 devices - 8 Core CPU, 32GB Memory, 100GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 40Mbit/s

1-10000 devices - 8 Core CPU, 64GB Memory, 200GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 100Mbit/s

Is your cloud servers powerful and secure?

For the best performance, we have allocated servers across all regions. GPS server 99.99% uptime guarantee.

What is corporate website setup process?

1) You will fill our excel with needed website texts

2) you will choose theme color and send your pictures

3) our developer will implement everything

4) developer will provide a CMS manual for you

What CMS do you use for corporate website?

We implement WordPress, so you can easily make modifications.

Do you have any marketing material to share?

Yes, you will get banners, flayers and video manual for Free.

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