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The Top 12 GPS Tracker Brands in 2024

As we venture into 2024, GPS trackers and location based IoT devices are becoming increasingly more indispensable in a world that is so vastly interconnected. GPS devices have advanced to a point of sophistication where accurate location data is a mere starting point. Modern GPS units house an astounding amount of functionality that makes asset tracking, instantly locating family members, and managing fleets leaps and bounds easier than ever before.

While the industry-leading bells and whistles of GPS technology are not crucial for one’s average everyday tracking needs, it is a welcome boon that some of the advancements tend to trickle down to the budget friendly options as well. This helps transform everyday processes into a seamless experience. On the other hand, advanced fleet operations can count on devices to show minute details of their daily work, as well as ingeniously counter thievery. The growing market competition ends up benefiting the end user, and the ever evolving functions are certainly nice additions to have.

We would like to introduce you to the brands that are pushing the frontiers of GPS tracking devices by showing consistency, innovation, and superb quality in their device lineups. The following brands have been evaluated by their general user-friendliness, robustness, and reliability. We also took into account a number of important criteria such as battery-life, ergonomics, functionality, and more. The list is ranked with the device manufacturers we would most-recommend at the top, however, you can be sure that all options make solid choices when considering what the best GPS tracker on the market is. Without further ado, let’s delve into an overview of the 12 best GPS tracker brands in 2024.

Teltonika Telematics

Standout feature: Universality and Password Protection

In the first place, we have Teltonika Telematics - a true pioneer of the GPS industry. With over 20 years in business, this company has grown to produce over 500,000 devices per month. These get exported to 166 countries around the world. Teltonika Telematic’s products cover everything from simple to high end GPS car trackers, security systems, IP cameras, in-vehicle routers, as well as unique IoT units.

Their superb production quality and diverse lineup crown the company as the leading GPS tracking brand for years in a row. Whether you are a curious novice looking for an easy plug and play device, or seek to manage a complex fleet operation - you can be sure that Teltonika is a reliable choice for your needs. A standout feature is that Teltonika devices feature password security, safeguarding fleet businesses from data leaks and other malicious interests. Their most popular GPS tracker is the Teltonika FMB920, a basic but trustworthy GPS device that has grown to be appreciated by many clients. Other bestselling options include:

  • FMC130
  • FMB130
  • FMB140
  • FMB120


Standout feature: Versatility and Customer Support

Ruptela, in second place, is another well known quality brand that manufactures top of the line GPS devices. Founded in 2007, the startup has since grown to a global team of over 150 people. The company has made over 2 million GPS trackers and it ships devices to over 120 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and Latin America. This impressive growth is no coincidence, showing a strong dedication to quality products, and especially customer-support. Ruptela’s devices show versatility and can handle CANbus, digital tachograph data, as well as supporting 2G and 3G networks. A standout feature is the company’s advanced fuel monitoring function, which comes in very handy for businesses looking to improve their bottom line. The most popular choices include:

  • Trace5
  • FMECO4 Light
  • HCV5
  • FM ECO4+
  • FM PRO4


Standout Feature: User-friendliness and Reliability

The Taiwanese company ATrack is a beacon for outstanding quality when it comes to providing 360 telematics solutions. The company’s pursuit for excellence is reflected not only in the success of their array of products, but also shows in over a dozen accumulated high level tech awards marking their superb achievements. These devices are ultra reliable because of their immaculate circuitry, ensuring a maximum period of longevity for their GPS trackers.

With over 20 years of hardware development experience, ATrack has grown to cover devices for all purposes, including construction, mining, logistics, school buses, agriculture, vehicle rental GPS, non-powered assets, motorcycles, cold chains, and taxis. It offers over 1700 customization services and prides itself on quick customer service support and a highly astute R&D system that makes way for pioneering in the GPS tracking device industry. ATrack devices known for their user-friendliness are compatible with Bluetooth and 4G connectivity. Here are the most popular models, covering mobile assets trackers to full fledged fleet monitoring systems:

  • AX11
  • AS11
  • AK11
  • AL11
  • AK7s


Standout Feature: Monitoring Versatility and Warranty

TKStar, a Chinese company founded in 2010 took two years of R&D to release their first GPS tracker. It was a huge success, and the company has been on a rising trajectory of success ever since. Now, it provides high quality GPS solutions for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. TKStar’s functionality allows users to enjoy a wide range of tracking possibilities, namely through SMS, web, and mobile. GEO fencing capabilities, movement, and speeding detection are included in most of their devices. TKStar is known for its attentive approach to honoring the device warranty, should one experience any issues with their GPS tracker. However, they are robust and reliable, making it a great brand choice across the board. Some of the most popular choices are:

  • TK905
  • TK915
  • TK909
  • TK06A


Standout Feature: Excellent Quality and 360 Package

TrackingFox is another high quality GPS tracker company that shines with its excellent quality to price ratio. The company made an astounding effort to create the optimal, hassle-free GPS tracking experience for users who do not want to spend a lot of time getting into the nitty gritty of technicals. However, the quality of the devices are still top notch, covering the spectrum of casual to professional use. Featuring highly sensitive GPS and GMS antenna, TrackingFox devices are renowned for their excellent location data reliability, as well as an extensive array of features such as geo-fencing, anti-theft alerts, and reliable software support. Even though their flagship device is extremely well built, a two year warranty guarantees that any issues will be taken care of should you experience any technical hiccups. The flagship device:

  • TrackingFox OBD2

Jimi IoT

Standout Feature: Operational Optimization through Extensive Data

Jimi IoT, located in Shenzhen, is a well known name in the GPS tracking device business, and that is not without good reason. This company has over 20 years of experience, and has been on a mission to make a big impact on transforming the traditional transportation industries through encouraging automation. Naturally, this puts it in a position of constant innovation to hit their mark. Some of the more prominent avenues in which Jimi IoT devices have made a significant impact are streamlining logistics, ride-hailing, courier delivery, and more by leveraging a combination of SaaS, AI, and cloud services. If you are looking to optimize your business operation with real time alerts and extensive tracking data, be sure to consider these popular choices:

  • GT06
  • ET25
  • GV20
  • JM-VL03
  • WeTrack2

Queclink Wireless Solutions

Standout Feature: High Quality, Small-Sized GPS Trackers

Queclink, founded in 2009, is a Chinese IoT industry giant with a vision for the future where, quite literally, everything is online. Having reached over 52 million device shipments in 2022, the company is well on its way to make a wide reaching impact. The company is known for its innovative IoT solutions that strive to open up new opportunities for their partners. It has been providing consistent and high-quality tech that is meant to optimize fleet management, agricultural processes, and cater to the needs of individuals. While you can not go wrong with Queclink, their small and portable devices stand out as exceptional. Some of the popular choice include:

  • GV55
  • GV300
  • GV57
  • GL50
  • GL300


Standout Feature: Unique Technological Advancements, Reliability

One of the older providers in the market, Shenzhen Coban Electronics was founded in 1999. The company has quite a wide variety of electronic products, but are most renowned for their excellent GPS trackers. Coban is known for having an independent approach to navigating the industry - it does not shy away from developing and executing tech trends without regard to the competition. This sets them apart from other manufacturers, establishing them as pioneers amongst the top GPS tracking device manufacturers in the world. Coban has made a reputation for their extensive quality assurance programs, covering temperature, vibration, and signal tests. Some popular Coban tracker choices include:

  • GPS303F/G
  • GPS306
  • GPS103A/B
  • GPS403A/B
  • GPS103A+/B+


Standout Feature: Price to Quality Ratio in a Small Package

Concox, another big name in the GPS tracking device industry, has been in business for over 10 years now. It has grown to sell over 10 million units and secured a place amongst the top developers in the niche. The company’s motto is to make connections easy, and their best-selling model is a case in point. The JM-VG03 is an incredibly unassuming device with all the essential functions distilled into a compact unit. The small tracker is made to be universal - it fits into any vehicle and supports a wide range of 9-90V. Due to its budget friendly workhorse approach, it has gained significant popularity, especially in India. Consider these top selling units when shopping for a Concox tracker:

  • JM-VG03
  • X3
  • JM-VL03


Standout Feature: Durability in Extreme Conditions

In case you are looking for robustness and longevity, the company Galileosky is a solid choice for your purposes. It stands out with devices engineered to withstand extremely harsh conditions, making sure that its GPS trackers funcion well in all environments be it the Sahara desert or Alaskan cold. On top of that, the company provides a ten year operational warranty for its hardware. As this is not overly common, it can be said that Galileosky’s identity is centered around their exceptional stance that has the back of their customers no matter what. The company also ensures that their devices are as future-proof as possible, meaning they are versatile and universally compatible. For this reason, they can be operational for a long period, ensuring the customer does not have to upgrade with each new emerging trend. Some of the popular choices include:

  • Trace5
  • FM ECO4 light
  • HCV5
  • FM ECO4+
  • FMPRO4


Standout Feature: Ease of Use, Rental Business Compatibility

When it comes to specialization, CanTrack certainly has its lane - the vehicle and machinery rental business. If this is your intended application, the company makes a great case for picking them. Its GPS devices are engineered to be extremely easy to set up, allowing quick vehicle GPS interchangeability with no need for any technical setups. CanTrack devices simply need to be plugged into the car, and the tracking can begin. This saves time and much hassle, be it for rentals or fleets that have a dynamic working approach. The quality of the devices does not compromise on any of its parts, therefore it caters well to those who are looking for the simplest reliable plug and play solution. The two CanTrack products to consider are:

  • CanTrack GPS
  • CanTrack Protect


Standout Feature: Budget Friendly and Compact

Suntech International, a Korean satellite monitoring equipment manufacturer based in Seoul, is last, but not least on our list. The company initially started as a cellphone manufacturer, but turned to making GPS equipment in 2004. It has sold over 6 million units since. This year it merged with the software developer Wizardlab, meaning that some exciting developments may be coming up. Its product range covers everything from asset trackers to RF trackers, vehicle GPS trackers, and OBD trackers. Their extensive lineup includes excellent fleet management options, vehicle security systems, driver behavior monitoring, and more. A beloved option, the ST310U is budget friendly, compact, and can be mounted on any vehicle. Options to consider include:

  • ST310U
  • ST4290L
  • ST4340
  • ST4500

When looking to find the best GPS tracker for your needs, these 12 brands are an excellent choice to make. However, which brand suits you best will depend on your use case. From mobile asset trackers, to elaborate 360 fleet management software, as well as extreme weather ready devices - all options are covered here. Consider what your priorities are and opt for a specialized device that has been engineered with your needs in mind. If you are not seeking out specifics, the popular choices of the top five tracker brands will give you an excellent price to performance ratio that will last a long while. You certainly can’t go wrong, as their quality has stood the test of time. We hope that whatever choice you make is going to exceed your expectations and elevate your GPS tracking experience to the highest standards. Happy tracking!

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