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  • New plugin "Device always attach to creator" functionality: This feature ensures that created object will be assigned to his creator.
  • New plugin "Overspeed detection with ignition detection" functionality: This enhancement empowers our clients to proactively identify instances of excessive speed and engine activation.
  • Enhanced alert sharing capabilities: Our platform now allows to share alert events to other users.
  • Integration of an accuracy parameter into data logging
  • Integration of SMS templates for user expiration notifications.
  • Optimization of alert validation and notification mechanisms: We have streamlined our alert validation processes and notification systems, ensuring prompt and accurate dissemination of critical alerts to designated stakeholders.
  • Enhancement of SMS gateway functionality: Our SMS gateway now supports POST method with Query encoding type, facilitating smoother communication between our platform and external SMS service providers.
  • Improvement of mapping features and reporting capabilities: Our mapping interface has been optimized for faster loading and enhanced user experience, while our load/unload reports have been refined to provide more comprehensive insights into fleet operations.
  • Fixed user's manager with supervisrod role
  • Fixed sensor bitcut parse
  • Fixed sensor mapping values with negative values
  • Fixed API for device alert period set
  • Fixed fuel change alert with stop detection cofiguration
  • Fixed engine work/idle and drive/stop duration calculation discrepancies
  • Fixed alert validation messages display
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