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Ruptela GPS trackers

To connect GPS device to our server, use one of IP addresses and PORT from the list below

  • EUIP : (Europe)
  • USAIP : (USA)      
  • ASIAIP : (Asia)      
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GPSWOX software is fully compatible with Ruptela.

If specific tracker is missing, please try to use the same Port as on the other tracker or contact us.

GPSWOX software supports all Ruptela trackers

Founded in 2007 by Andrius Rupšys, founder and present day CEO of Ruptela, a Lithuanian based telematics and GPS tracking company and since opening their doors to the asset tracking world, Ruptela has garnered a proven track record of excellence and delivering on the promises they set forth to their clients. Ruptela has strived to become a world class leader, designer and manufacturer of industry favorite GPS telematics and tracking hardware as well as accompanying accessories.They have developed a diverse portfolio of products that can be used across a wide array of applications and use-cases.

Ruptela has had a humble beginning in 2007, but has since become one of the fastest growing technology innovation companies in Lithuania. Their goals are no doubt ambitious as they seek to become one of the top 40 companies globally to deliver GPS trackers to the telematics aftermarket by 2022. Since 2007, Ruptela has grown from a small team of 3 initial employees to over a battalion’s worth of 220 staff members and counting. Their mission is to enable companies to reduce their asset tracking costs, save time on internal workflows and improve overall efficiency by globally providing integrated transport telematics solutions backed by an unrivaled customer experience.

Ruptela has received numerous awards and accolades for their commitment to delivering some of the best GPS trackers on the market to date. In 2019, they received a Best Practices Award from Frost & Sullivan. In the award, a Frost & Sullivan company analyst states that “Ruptela’s growth, branding, and customer loyalty are directly attributed to its focus on customer value”, once again placing emphasis on the fact that Ruptela never falls short on their promises to deliver. Additionally in 2019, Ruptela officially manufactured and delivered over 1 million units of GPS tracking devices that are currently being used in vehicle fleets around the world.

Ruptela’s operating strategy includes offering customers a complete package for all their telematics needs so that they need not purchase products from multiple vendors to complete their fleet management solution. From the customer’s perspective, building a fleet management solution from different telematics vendors is a complicated and time consuming process, in terms of integrating, testing, updating, and solving issues arising from different products. Ruptela effectively simplifies operations for fleets with its set of solutions and a single point of contact for all its customers - and product-related support and queries, thereby saving customers a significant amount of money and time.

Ruptela GPS trackers come in a variety of makes and models, ranging from relatively cheap, entry-level units all the way up to mid-range, commercialized trackers. For example the Ruptela FM-Plug4 displayed above is their mid-range, multi-functional telematics device that is capable of up-to-the-second data communication via the 4G LTE cellular network. In the event of a network outage the FM-Plug4 has built-in redundancy fallbacks to 3G in the United States of America and 2G fallbacks in the European Union. The FM-Plug4 has been employed by companies like AUTOGEAR to track their mobilized fleets. Ruptela has enabled AUTOGEAR to track over 7500 vehicles by using the FM-Plug4 in combination with TrustTrack software in order to reimburse their independent contractors for the mileage driven during working hours.

over 100k users
1550k units tracked
145 billion data points collected
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