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WEB Tacho

Teltonika WEB Tacho Solution is a big forward leap in remote tachograph data files download. Solution is easily manageable and does not require any complex software* installation. Everything is accessible via a web page. Now you can download tachograph files from any place and from any PC with internet access.
*- requires Company card reader software installation on single company PC.

Supported Teltonika GPS Trackers for WEB Tacho: FMB640, FMM640, FM6300, FMC640, FMM640, FM6300


Access and download tachograph files of your whole fleet from within a single, web browser-based interface. Compatible with browsers across all platforms, requires no installation or additional plug-ins.

Web access



Once you create a schedule, selected tachograph files will be downloaded automatically. Data will be downloaded every defined period, for example once a week, once a month etc.




Data is stored on secured server and can be accessed only by your authorized users. You don’t need to worry that any file is lost and you have to download it from tachograph once again.

Secure tachograph files storage



Now you can launch the solution really fast, because FM device signing with SMS command is no longer required, you do not need any PC license. Just open the Web Tacho page and you can start your work.

No complex licensing system



We support not only the standard DDD file extension, but also Spanish TGD and French V1B, C1B file formats. You simply set required one in Web Tacho user settings.

Multiple format support

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1550k units tracked
145 billion data points collected
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