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Tools: Alerts

To create a new alert, click Tools->Alerts->Add Alert

First of all, you have to name your alert. Then add an email or multiple emails (or cell phone numbers) which will receive a notification when this alert occurs. Secondly, select your objects in "Devices" tab, you want this alert to be applied to.
Now you can select what type of alert you want to create: geofencing, overspeed, events. You can create all of them in the same alert or only 1 of them.


Select your created geofence (geofence can be created at Tools->Geofencing->Add geofence) and select Zone In, Zone Out or Combines and click Add. Alert will be triggered once device enters or exists geofence.


Select km or mi and enter max speed, then click Add. In the example above, user will receive an alert when object reaches 60 km/h speed.


There are 2 select boxes at the beginning:

  • Custom events - these are user defined events, you can create them in Setup->Events. More about creating custom events for each gps tracker and its protocol, please visit Setup page in the manual.
  • System events - these are system/admin defined events, like in example above. There are system events like SOS, Low battery, Ignition ON/OFF for the most popular gps tracker brands. If your protocol or desired event is not listed, you can always create one in Setup->Events

First of all please select custom or system events from select box. In the next select box, protocol name or names, for your selected gps trackers only, will appear (it depends on what objects you selected in Devices tab). For example.: if you have selected 5 devices that has 2 different protocols, you will see only those 2 protocols that are suitable for your device (gps platform detects your device protocol automatically, make sure you connected it to the platform at least once). In the final select box, please select desired event you want to be triggered. For example.: if you select SOS and click Add, alert will be triggered when users clicks SOS button.

When alert settings are configured, please click Save button to save your new created alert. It can be edited any time.