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Drivers Cards

A brand new and exciting solution for remote downloading Driver card data from tachograph!
WEB Tacho with "Drivers Cards" functionality enables FMX640 devices to download each Driver Card data every time a different Driver Card is inserted into the tachograph. The solution allows more simplified scheduling - you do not need to create multiple schedules to try to download different driver card data for different drivers.

Drivers Cards

The new schedule logic for the driver's cards is added to the WEB TACHO solution. Solution ONLY works with Teltonika FMX640 (FMB640, FMC640, FMM640) tracker that have 01.01.XX or newer firmware installed.

A new type of tab is created called “Driver cards”. All units in this tab are not tied down to device IMEI like vehicle units, but to separate drivers cards.

Global/Specific types

Driver card units will have two types of file refresh rate:

  • Global – the time period in days, which describes how often new files should be downloaded. The global period should be configured on-page, but not device separately.

The global refresh rate will be marked as 

How to change Global refresh rate:

  • Specific – same as global, but the parameter is set on every driver card unit separately.

The global refresh rate will be marked as 

The global schedule is set to all Driver card units at once. If the user wants to change download frequency for a specific driver, he can do that by editing the Driver card unit.

Adding Driver ID

When adding Driver ID to the WEB Tacho system, Driver's Name and Driver's ID must be specified

  • Driver ID must be exactly 16 characters in length.

There will be 3 ways to add a new Driver card unit:

  1. By adding one by one Driver card unit;
  2. By adding multiple Driver card units via .csv file
  3. Automatically added by the system, if FMX640 connects to WEB Tacho (identified by IMEI to the specific company) with new driver Card ID which is not registered to driver cards.
    1. Newly added driver card unit has a global file refresh rate, and download initiated instantly after registering card to list.

Importing Driver Cards from *.CSV file

In order to add multiple Driver Cards to WEB Tacho, "import using .CSV" can be used.

CSF file data should contain:

  1. Card Number
  2. Holder's Name

For example: (e.g: 012a1254ff457841;"JOGH SMITH"). Expected data fiems delimiters: comma or semicolon.


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