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GPS Server requirements

If you are hosting gps server on your own, minimum system requirements are:

Operating System: Rocky Linux 9. Other operating systems are not supported.

1-1000 devices - 4 Core CPU, 8GB Memory, 300GB SSD, Bandwidth: 100Mbit/s
1-3000 devices - 4 Core CPU, 16GB Memory, 600GB SSD, Bandwidth: 200Mbit/s
1-6000 devices - 8 Core CPU, 32GB Memory, 800GB SSD, Bandwidth: 400Mbit/s
1-10000+ devices - 8 Core CPU, 64GB Memory, 1TB SSD, Bandwidth: 1000Mbit/s

Please note: It is highly recommended to use server for gps tracking software only, to avoid software and package conflicts. Our dev team will deploy the software for you via SSH. If your server is highly customised and you want to deploy the software by yourself, additional fees may apply.

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