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Tag: gps tracker

Galileosky turns on new features to deliver more GPS trackin

Galileosky brings a number of new opportunities for better GPS tracking device setting and operation. The new features are aimed at receiving data in desired units of measurement, downloading files on SD card remotely and using several scripts at one time.

Open source GPS tracking system and software

GPS tracking is definitely taking off nowadays, with smaller, more affordable GPS tracking devices allowing consumers to track their valuables, or businesses to keep track of their fleets and related activities.

Keep your family safe with GPS tracking apps

With rising crime rates, everyone is worried about their security and the safety of your family. While it is not possible for you to have a magic shield around your kids and other family members at all times or keep them locked up inside the house, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do everything in your power to ensure they are safe and sound..

Coban 102B GPS tracker review

The Coban 102 B GPS tracker is a basic tracking device with a compact form factor. The intended purpose of this device is for personal tracking, such as locating children or elderly persons in real time. The functionality however, can also be extended into motor vehicles, packages and other assets of value.

Coban GPS306 OBD tracker review

The Coban GPS306 tracker is a device that will plug right into the OBDII (diagnostic) port on most vehicles 1996 and newer. It is similar in form factor to other devices on the market that connect to and gather critical information form the diagnostic port as well. The Premise of this device is that anyone can install it

Coban 103 vehicle GPS tracker review

The Coban 103 is a complete vehicle tracking system with a host of additional features and accessories. This tracker is best suited for tracking vehicles with a constant power source and for long term use. It also includes other powerful anti-theft features which can help secure either a personal vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles

Teltonika GPS tracker review

Ranging from OBDII plug-and-play devices to absolute GPS-featured tracking products, Teltonika has a wide range of tracking devices that are meant to meet varying needs of different individuals and businesses.

Telematics and Fleet Management Explained

Are you a fleet manager? If yes, you might have a long wish list for your business. Your list may include things such as meeting compliance standards, reducing fuel costs across your whole fleet, and improving your fleet’s safety record. The good news is that you can accomplish all these goals with telematics.

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