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Galileosky turns on new features to deliver more GPS trackin

Galileosky brings a number of new opportunities for better GPS tracking device setting and operation. The new features are aimed at receiving data in desired units of measurement, downloading files on SD card remotely and using several scripts at one time.

Several scripts at one time

Imagine you have a complex task like receiving an SMS in case of unauthorized fuel drains and start the engine automatically when the air temperature drops down – sounds impossible? Not for Galileosky vehicle tracker.

You can program one device to solve different tasks simultaneously thanks to unique Easy Logic technology. Intuitively understandable interface allows to create whatever algorithms you want, even if you not a guru in programming. By setting reactions to different events, Easy Logic has no limits to broaden GPS solution functionality.


The other benefit of new possibility – connecting to the tracker several external devices, which are integrated by Easy Logic. For instance, a tachograph via the RS232 interface, and the SI SENS measuring device via RS485.

Remote file downloading

Good news for those, who use GPS tracking devices with SD card – now you can download or update files for the tracking device remotely. Say, you need to replace an audio file for the bus auto informer, because the route has changed or the new ad required. Just save the necessary file structure on any cloud storage that support WebDAV extension protocol and send the command to the Galileosky tracking device to synchronize the content.

In addition to updating the files for the auto informer, you can remotely upload to the tracker, for example, trusted keys with preset limits or audio messages, audible warning signals, and more. Moreover, new development allows you to download remotely the data from the GPS tracking device to the server.

Data filers for tracker setting

The latest Configurator 4.16.0 update will surprise users with a massive improvement – new tab called “filters”, thanks to which you can convert the data, received by tracker, into the desired units of measurement. The filter system includes calibration table to recalculate figures from one scale to another, like fuel level sensors frequency signal or nominal units into liters or the frequency – in the engine speed, the weight indicator figures – in tons, etc.

There is a separate filter on the new tab designed for fuel sensors measurements – it takes into account the temperature and the type of fuel as well as the level. Therefore, as a result you get the corrected and more accurate data. Now Galileosky users can choose what data to store on the internal memory of GPS hardware and what figures to transfer to the software platform.


High pass filter is convenient if you need to determine the sharp frequency jumps. If, vice versa, you are mostly interested in average frequency and doesn’t care about deviations – the moving average one will help. With math filter it is possible to fulfill most common mathematical operations.

New features are available for all Base Block and Galileosky 7 versions; the minimum required firmware is 17. The number of uploaded algorithms depends on the memory capacity of the tracker. Remote downloading is available for the latest product range – Galileosky 7 trackers, which have been released after 10th of October 2017.

Find out more: https://galileosky.com


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