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Keep your family safe with GPS tracking apps

With rising crime rates, everyone is worried about their security and the safety of your family. While it is not possible for you to have a magic shield around your kids and other family members at all times or keep them locked up inside the house, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do everything in your power to ensure they are safe and sound. Technology has undeniably brought us many benefits and one of them includes the ability of knowing where your family is at any given time and how they are. How? This can be done with the help of GPS tracking app GPSWOX that can be downloaded on smartphones.

These days, the use of smartphones has become widespread. Whether it is kids or adults, everyone has a smartphone with them at all times and this can actually be put to good use. There are apps that can be downloaded on the phone for various purposes and this also includes GPS tracking. GPSWOX’s Family Locator and GPS tracker app has been especially designed to enable people to keep track of their family members’ location and to communicate with them effectively. With GPS tracking, it allows you to know the exact location of any given member of your family on the map and in real-time.

Parents find this feature incredibly helpful because they can know where there kids are during the day. Hence, even if they are at work, they can still keep an eye on their kid. The app can be configured to send parent alerts about places i.e. they will be immediately alerted when the kids leave home, reach school or go elsewhere. In this way, they don’t have to constantly stress about where their kids might be coming and going because they can simply check their location. Likewise, the app can also be set up to let the kids know when parents leave the office so they know when to expect them.

Apart from that, the family tracking application also warns parents when their kids are driving a vehicle and exceed the speed limit you believe is safe. This is also great for reducing accidents and gives parents some peace of mind when their kids are driving. Even if parents are not able to check in immediately, they can look up the movement of their kids for the past 30 days as the app offers you a history tab. Moreover, the app can also send emergency alerts in case of a problem.

It also comes in handy when someone has lost a phone and GPSWOX can be used to track where the phone is. When a family member’s phone is running on low-battery, you will automatically be alerted to their location for security purposes. With GPSWOX, you can also send all your family members messages at the same time with just a single click. The app can also be used for setting reminders, depending on the time and the location of family members. Overall, family locating app is the perfect way to keep your loved ones as safe as you can without spending a single cent. 

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