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TKSTAR GPS trackers

To connect GPS device to our server, use one of IP addresses and PORT from the list below

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GPSWOX software is fully compatible with TKSTAR.

If specific tracker is missing, please try to use the same Port as on the other tracker or contact us.

GPSWOX software supports all TKSTAR trackers

China based TKSTAR has been making serious headway in the telematics industry as an innovator, manufacturer and pervoyer of GPS tracking and navigation equipment. China based TKSTAR has garnered a proven track record of excellence and delivering on the promises they set forth to their clients. TKSTAR has strived to become a world class leader, designer and manufacturer of industry specific GPS telematics and tracking hardware as well as accompanying accessories.They have developed an extensive portfolio of products that can be used across a wide range of applications and use-cases, from tracking fleets of vehicles to safe-guarding valuable personal belongings.

TKSTAR has developed their GPS tracking units with software interoperability in mind. Their trackers can relay global positioning data to personal computers, Android as well as Apple smartphones. After experiencing a high demand in the local Chinese market, TKSTAR trackers can now be found installed in vehicles and valuables in over 150 countries around the world.

TKSTAR GPS trackers come in a variety of makes and models, ranging from relatively cheap, entry-level units all the way up to mid-range, commercialized trackers. For example the TKSTAR TK905 flagship GPS tracker as shown above features state of the art components that outrival many of their market participants.

The TK905 GPS tracker model features a high capacity, 5,000mA rechargeable battery that gives the unit up to 3 months of tracking time. Real time tracking telemetry data can be represented in Google Maps using any personal computer with a high speed internet connection, as well as viewability options on mobile tablets and smartphones. Geo-fencing allows you to begin tracking movement of your asset as soon as it moves outside the perimeter of a predetermined area. Other useful features include the likes of an induction sensor as well as an accelerometer that issues speed limit alerts and is immediately triggered if the driver of the vehicle happens to go over the speed limit. Additionally, the enclosure that houses all the electronic components is water-resistant, so that you may mount the tracker just about anywhere within the confines of your vehicle or asset to be tracked.

One of TKSTAR’s entry-level models includes the bicycle mounted hidden rear brake light. This device is great because it incorporates stealth into the GPS tracking equation, so if someone happens to take off with your beloved bike, you will be able to track it down in mere minutes. The stealthy bicycle mounted GPS tracker uses a 2G sim card to relay tracking data to your smartphone and like the flagship TK905 model has additional nifty features which you can make use of to ensure safe-keeping and peace of mind; knowing your valued asset will be safe and sound wherever you may be.

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