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Skypatrol GPS trackers

To connect GPS device to our server, use one of IP addresses and PORT from the list below

  • EUIP : (Europe)
  • USAIP : (USA)      
  • ASIAIP : (Asia)      
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GPSWOX software is fully compatible with Skypatrol.

If specific tracker is missing, please try to use the same Port as on the other tracker or contact us.

GPSWOX software supports all Skypatrol trackers

Since being established in 2002, Florida based Skypatrol has become a global leader in integrated GPS and telematics tracking solutions. Today they hold a strong position in the Location Based Services market with innovative products and applications that outrival many of their competitors. Skypatrol has made a name for themselves in the telematics business by developing and deploying ingenious GPS tracking hardware as well as software solutions that help businesses and consumers monitor, protect, and optimize their mobile assets in an increasingly machine driven world.

Under their current leadership and staff, Skypatrol has been able to serve numerous markets including the vehicle finance sector, fleet management companies, automobile dealerships, motorsports, as well as many others. They have since sold over 1 million GPS trackers that are currently tracking and safe-guarding assets in over 25 different countries. Skypatrol seeks to continue their unrivaled approach to quality and looking for their customers, wherever they may be in the world.

Skypatrol places a tremendous amount of emphasis on developing, integrating, and deploying top-of-the-line, custom software unlike some of their competitors that use off-the-shelf technology and equipment. Their custom software solution allows fleet management operators to aggregate large amounts of data to make prudent, data-driven fleet decisions in order to mitigate risk, cut-costs, and maximize profitability across the board.

Because their hardware and software gathers engine and traversal data, fleets will always have safer and more efficient drivers, they will always choose the most appropriate routes to drive on, will never forget about vehicle maintenance again, and will drastically reduce fuel costs. The Skypatrol Fleet Command software is interoperable with almost any operating system including that of smartphones, allowing you to retreive, observe, and manipulate fleet data from almost anywhere in the world that has access to a high-speed internet connection.

Introducing the Skypatrol SP2603 series GPS tracking unit (pictured above) that allows you to mobilize and track your entire fleet of vehicles remotely and accurately, providing for a bird’s-eye-view of your assets that are wirelessly linked to any laptop or desktop computer that has a high-speed internet connection.This device has multiple serial ports on board to support a wide range of applications that includes but not limited to passenger cars, light and heavy duty trucks, as well as commercial equipment such as tractor-trailers and construction vehicles.

The hardware is loaded with Skypatrol Fleet Command software and is capable of up-to-the-second data communication via the 3G cellular network. In the event of a network outage the SP2603 has a built-in redundancy fallback to 2G in the United States of America. The enclosure that houses all of the electronics is built using military-grade, weather resistant materials ensuring successful day-to-day operations even in the harshest of climates with minimal possibilities for network lag or downtime.

Shown above is the Skypatrol SP1603 series GPS tracking unit which has been specifically designed for tracking and monitoring personnel that include the likes of parolees, probationers, distant workers, distributors, and family members. This small and nimble personal GPS tracker is jam-packed with features that include a fiber optic cable that detects equipment tampering as well as geo-fencing, which allows you to set a predetermined perimeter with alerts dispatched if the user leaves the confines of a particular area.

over 100k users
1550k units tracked
145 billion data points collected
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