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Concox GPS trackers

To connect GPS device to our server, use one of IP addresses and PORT from the list below

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GPSWOX software is fully compatible with Concox.

If specific tracker is missing, please try to use the same Port as on the other tracker or contact us.

GPSWOX software supports all Concox trackers

Concox is a telematics and GPS tracking company that incorporated over 15 years ago and since then has become an industry leader and manufacturer of GPS trackers and wireless communication products. Concox first opened their proverbial doors to serve the local Chinese telematics community, and today have seized the largest portion of market share out of all of their Chinese based competitors. They have partnered with organizations and institutions that include the likes of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and provide all-in-one, customized GPS tracking solutions to governments, transportation companies, and other large enterprises and conglomerates. Concox has garnered enough global growth to be officially ranked as the 3rd largest GPS tracking manufacturer in China.


Concox’s monumental growth and momentum can be summarized as nothing short of being simply astounding. With a manufacturing plant totalling over 2,200 square meters, Concox now owns and operates 12 professional SMT production lines that work in synchrony to manufacture enough supply such that they can always guarantee orders to be delivered on time, and to minimize backorders. Concox also has a total of 6 research and development centers that house 600+ brilliant engineers that work around the clock to help bring the GPS telematics industry an application platform it rightfully deserves.


Under their current leadership and staff, Concox has amassed a strong portfolio of certificates and awards spanning the accreditation gamut. Today they are ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliant, meaning that 99.9% or more of the GPS trackers that roll-off their assembly line pass their stringent quality control tests. Working with Concox brings peace of mind as you won’t have to worry about GPS tracking units being delivered to your doorstep that are rendered dead-on-arrival. Additionally, because of their excellent product quality and outstanding customer service, in 2016 Concox received an award for being rated as one of China’s “Top 10 Satellite Navigation Operators and Suppliers”.


Concox GPS trackers come in a variety of makes and models, ranging from relatively cheap, entry-level units all the way up to their top-of-the-line, commercialized trackers. For example the Concox AT5 Solar Powered flagship GPS tracker as shown above features state of the art components that outrival many of their market participants.


The Concox AT5 Solar Powered GPS tracker model features a high capacity, 10,000mAh rechargeable battery that gives the unit up to 3 months of tracking time in stand-by mode. A solar panel positioned on the top of the GPS tracker powers and charges the device without the need of an external power source. This makes the unit ideal for tracking fleets of vehicles that may not have readily accessible power deliverance such as that of cargo ships or construction vehicles. Additionally, the enclosure that houses all the electronic components is water-resistant, so that you may mount the tracker just about anywhere within the confines of your vehicle or asset to be tracked. The GPS tracker also has a tamper-proof sensor that will signal the user if someone attempts to move or disassemble the unit.


over 100k users
1550k units tracked
145 billion data points collected
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