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Open source GPS tracking system and software

GPS vehicle tracking systems have laid the foundation for some of the greatest business ventures in our day. What started as a space technology has rapidly evolved to become elementary in the daily operations of companies like Amazon, Yelp, Uber, DHL, and other industry giants. Today, GPS fleet tracking systems have become crucial management tools for any modern business, as well as sparking points enabling new and innovative location-based services.

Due to the surging popularity among business owners and personal users, the developments in the GPS industry have been on a fast track of advancement. This quick paced industry growth has led to a vast demand for diverse GPS applications that are capable of leveraging and customizing the expanding functionalities of GPS systems.

All considered it has opened a phenomenal opportunity for the development of complimentary software solutions. However, you may think that building software from the ground up is expensive and challenging. Sure, but there is a far simpler solution to capitalize on. This is where open source GPS tracking software comes into play.

What is Open Source GPS software?

The term open source was coined when designating a forward-thinking approach to the creation of computer programs. At its core, open source products embrace and celebrate principles that allow for a collaborative, community-driven approach that is based on mutual benefits. So how does it work? The source code of any computer software is the essential centerpiece, enabling it to perform a variety of different functions. Usually, it is exclusive, protected by licenses, and generally hidden from the public eye. Open source, as the name hints, makes the code available for users to inspect, modify, and enhance a given program. This signifies a liberal approach that helps lead to more transparency, faster prototyping, and an open exchange of ideas that propel the software to become better over time.

GPS Open Source Software Code

The Value of Open Source Systems

It is a common misconception that open source code implies that software is free of charge. Although different types of open source software exist, this is not inherently the case. However, depending on one’s particular use case, the value of a properly designed open-source code usually far outweighs its cost. In the case of open source GPS tracking systems, this is particularly true.

Any GPS tracking system relies on precision. The entire concept of having a GPS tracker intends to give the user accurate location data around the clock. Today’s GPS tracking systems heavily rely on their software counterparts, which are required to do a significant amount of computation. The combination of modern GPS hardware and software can provide an impressive array of functions, but it also means that neither of the two can slack. Otherwise, the entire concept of GPS is undermined.

While appealing, free GPS fleet tracking software can be buggy, risking location-data deviations and heavily compromising the user experience. Even more importantly, free solutions can have sub-par security systems that may lead to detrimental outcomes such as data theft. Compromised client data can cause expensive lawsuits and a host of other unsavory problems. This is why you should make sure to opt for high-quality open source GPS software if you are looking to build a business based on it.

Uses for Open Source GPS software


So why would you want to use open source GPS fleet tracking software in the first place? Well, there are a few pretty good reasons. It allows companies to customize software far beyond its regular capabilities. This means that you can adapt the open-source GPS software to suit your needs perfectly, without having to invest a lot of money. It can be molded to the specific requirements of your industry, as well as easily integrated into your current infrastructure. A high-quality open source GPS software provides a solid base that leaves room for creativity while making sure it is a secure and reliable user experience down the road.


While not necessarily open source, GPS software is also available as a white label solution. This means that you can use the provided framework to add your own company branding and design elements. Regardless of whether you choose to add new functions or not, the end product is a GPS software that is legally owned by you. With API access it can be sold to clients, as well as outsourced to other companies. If you are thinking of starting a fleet management business, then a white label GPS tracking software is the perfect starting point, allowing you to onboard new clients and scale your venture easily as it grows. White label GPS software enables a business model where a one-time purchase can provide the essential foundation for building a new vehicle management venture as well as any other location-based service applications that rely on GPS data.

GPS Fleet Tracking System

The GPSWOX White Label Platform

GPSWOX, one of the leading companies in GPS fleet tracking, offers a white label tracking software package that covers all of the bases - ease of use, complete customizability, universal tracker compatibility and multi language support. The GPSWOX Lifetime Solution includes everything one could want from a trustworthy and secure GPS system with unlimited tracking. This includes functions like geofencing alerts, driver behavior and fuel monitoring, custom sensor support, as well as many other professional standards.

Due to the integrated smart admin panel the GPSWOX white label software allows you to manage devices, users, and payments in a straightforward manner. Any gateway be modified and changed to suit your company's needs. Beyond the basic software foundation GPSWOX can also build your corporate website, host SSL certificates, and provide continuous software updates to make sure your business is fully set up and ready for launch. Even marketing materials are included in the full GPSWOX white label package, so new companies can start sales without hesitation. Best of all - 24/7 customer support guarantees that working within the software will be a smooth experience regardless of any technical issues that may arise for you or your customers.

Open source GPS tracking systems open a universal path to capitalize on any location service based one can think of. Professionally crafted solutions like the GPSWOX platform provide a solid basis that can be extended creatively, while making sure that the necessary security measures are in place. Starting a location service based company today is as simple as making a one time investment. Considering this fact, there has not been a more exciting time in the GPS industry as the tools for creative minds to pursue their vision are more accessible than ever before.

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