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Open Source GPS Tracking System and Software


GPS tracking is definitely taking off nowadays, with smaller, more affordable GPS tracking devices allowing consumers to track their valuables, or businesses to keep track of their fleets and related activities.

However, when it comes to interacting with those GPS tracking devices, many people are turning to open source GPS tracking software. And this is a truly great choice – open source software generally means that the software can be analyzed for greater security and better user experience by the wider developer community. This means you can trust it better, and it often adds to a great experience.

With open source GPS tracking systems, it’s no different. Even better, a great open source GPS tracking software will be able to integrate with lots of various GPS tracking devices, offering detailed insights to provide you with important information you need. It should be relatively easy to use, so that you can get started relatively quickly and keep on using it without needing a dedicated IT person.  

What to look for in open source GPS tracking software

But with all the options there are out there, how do you know which open source GPS tracking software will work best for you? Here’s a list of the important things you need to look for:

  • Integration with various GPS tracker for cars
  • Bug-free and lag-free tracking
  • Fleet management features, such as fuel usage, driving behavior, etc.
  • Historical data and reports
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Ability to add various sensors and alerts
  • 24/7 support, whenever you need it
  • Ability to add your own branding

One unfortunate thing about most open source GPS tracking softwares, however, is that they often have a free version that is highly restricted, often causing more problems than they solve.

That’s why we recommend you go with high-quality, reliable open source software you can trust.

Recommended open source GPS tracking system

The GPSWOX Lifetime Solution allows you to have everything you want to have in a trustworthy, fully-functional open source GPS tracking system. GPSWOX’s open source code allows you to extend the functionality of the software and even allow you to create your own design so you can put your branding on it. Out of the box, the GPSWOX server software provides you an easy-to-use interface with unlimited tracking. The software supports geofencing alerts, driving behavior, fuel monitoring, and much more.

The smart admin panel allows you to manage your devices, users, and even payments. There are a lot of features that you’ll definitely want here, but one of the best parts is that it comes with 24/7 support so that you can always get help whenever you need it.

With the GPSWOX Lifetime white label software, you will get access to the source code so that you can develop any additional custom features that you need. And with that, you’ll see just how great GPS tracking software can be.

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