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3.7.1 November

  • Fixed custom alert first event checking
  • Fixed session and cache connection drivers
  • Fixed beacons speed convert
  • Fixed users settings store
  • Fixed device groups select/deselect
  • Added parameter "tag*" support for beacons
  • Added option to show/hide invalid coordinates when generating history
  • Added option to change status color for dashboard device overview
  • Added option to use formula for engine hours sensor template
  • Added option to send or not "Account password changed" email after password change
  • Improved position processing speed
  • Improved device store performance
  • Improved device forward store
  • Improved device engine status check
  • Improved devices load on map
  • Improved alerts check with ignore notification duration
  • Support Teltonika advanced beacon
  • Added Seeworld battery level
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