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GPS OBD Trackers

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Teltonika FM3001 (3G)

Teltonika FM3001 (3G)

Car / Van / Truck


GPSWOX are happy to present OBD GPS trackers – tiny devices that can be plugged directly into the OBD port of your individual or business vehicle. Speaking about each tracker, Vehicle GPS Tracker Ulbotech T356 WiFi (OBDII) stands out because of its high capacity flash, two weeks data storage and most importantly WIFI functionality. Moreover, GPS and OBD functions, provides the possibility to record and analyze its data, including all statistics, driving ours, fuel consumptions and etc. The other two Vehicle OBD Trackers Coban GPS306 (OBDII) and Teltonika FM1000 (OBDII) are as well good as the first one. However, the main difference - they do not have WiFi connection. Despite that, they provide a wide range of features: real-time tracking, notifications such as SOS alarm, speed alarm, Geo-fence alarm and etc. All and all, you will not face any difficulties while using our OBD GPS tracers, since it doesn‘t require any additional knowledge. Just plug OBD GPS tracker into OBD port and track any vehicle you wish. For more detailed information about functionalities and capabilities of each OBD tracer please check their descriptions at GPSWOX.com

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