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Heacent 908 GPS tracking device

Heacent 908

  • IP : (Europe)
  • IP : (USA)      
  • IP : (Asia)      
  • Port: 6023

Additional information

Restart the device
Command: reset#


Command format: APN,apn name [,account,password]#

For example:
APN,cmnet# (no account & password)

Set the server IP and port
Command format 1: SERVER, 1, domain name, port #
Command format 2: SERVER, 0, IP, port #

For example:

Set GPRS upload time
Command format: TIMER, upload time(0,10~60s)#
For example:
TIMER,0# (no upload)
TIMER,30# (every 30 seconds to upload)


Content Specification
Dimensions 71mm x 49mm x 24mm
Weight 53g
Network GSM/GPRS
Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS chip Sirf III
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
Battery 3.7V 450mAh Li-ion battery
over 100k users
1550k units tracked
145 billion data points collected