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Teltonika FM5300 GPS tracking device

Teltonika FM5300

  • IP : (Europe)
  • IP : (USA)      
  • IP : (Asia)      
  • Port: 6027

Additional information

Please check manufacturers manual how to send data to GPSWOX servers.

Automatic configuration by smartphone >>

Configuration Manual >>

User Manual >>

FM5XXX Configurator >>

FM5XXX Configurator >>

VCP driver v1.3.1 setup >>

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I/O Tags and values:

io20 or io182 - Horizontal Dilution of Precision (hdop)

io21 - GSM 0-5, values: 0,1,2,3,4,5

io22 - Position Dilution of Precision (pdop)

io66 - external power, if power is below 1000 it means that OBD is disconnected

io67 - internal power

io68 - tachometer RPM

io76 - fuel counter

io80 - engine ON/OFF, values: 1,0

io145-154 - CAN specific data

io199 - speed

io240 - GPRS enabled/disabled, values: 1,0

Event: 253 and io253:1 - Harsh Acceleration.

Event: 253 and io253:3 - Harsh Braking.



  • GPS/GLONASS coordinates and I/O data acquisition
  • Real Time tracking
  • Smart algorithm of data acquisition (time, distance, angle, ignition and event based)
  • Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)
  • 47000 records saving into flash memory
  • Two RJ45 (RS232) ports
  • RJ45 ports can be used to connect two LLS digital fuel sensor without a concentrator
  • RFID reader can be connected to use it for authentification purposes
  • Garmin navigation can be connected to send direct messages and new destinations to driver
  • Smart algorithm of GPRS connections (GPRS traffic saving)
  • Operating in roaming networks (preferred GSM providers list)
  • Events on I/O detection and sending via GPRS or SMS.
  • Scheduled 24 coordinates SMS sending
  • One configuration file enables convenient configuration
  • Data reading from CAN Bus (FMS standard)
  • CAN Bus Autoscan funcionality which enables to automatically configure CAN bus data reading and therefore simplifies configuration process
  • Multi geofence zones (rectangular or circle)
  • Autogeofencing funcionality which automatically draws geozones of certain radius, decreasing risk of car theft
  • Deep Sleep mode (saving vehicle‘s accumulator)
  • Firmware update and configuration using USB interface
  • OTA (firmware updating via GPRS)
  • Built-in 550 mA battery
  • Accelerometer
  • Small and easy to mount case
  • Roaming dependant operation (GPRS traffic saving in roaming zones)
  • Acceleration detection (harsh breaking and accelerate measuring)
  • Operation mode presets
  • Advanced overspeeding detection
  • Driver behavior monitoring (acceleration/breaking/cornering notification to
  • minimize the vehicle exploitation costs)
  • Driver identification (1-Wire® iButton ID key)
  • Immobilizer scenario which enables to start engine only after reading the 1-Wire® iButton ID
  • Authorized driving which enables to start engine only after reading the 1-Wire® iButton ID from authorized ID list. List can contain 50 different ID's
over 100k users
1550k units tracked
145 billion data points collected