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3.6.15 August

  • Added additional VL502 parameters
  • Added Galileo Iridium frame decoding
  • Added Decode JT808 battery level
  • Added Decode Fifotrack engine hours
  • Fixed Fifotrack Q2 decoding
  • Fixed Xexun2 wifi signal
  • Supporting HWDECO fuel sensor
  • Reorganize GL200 text decoder
  • Initial T622G-F9 Iridium support
  • Supporting GV350M CAN messages
  • Minifinder decode phone numbers
  • Configurable T622 Iridium format
  • Supporting JM-VL03 messages
  • Fixed Fifotrack Q3 missing time
  • Fixed VL03 ignition decoding
  • Added Odometer Daily report
  • Added Driver Daily distance report
  • Added SETFLAG for textual sensors
  • Added Device Media API endpoints
  • Added Supervisor group for users
  • Added ability to select alert/event sound
  • Added Doc pages 
  • Added ability to select "Mandatory stop" for Geofences stop reports
  • Added geocoder PositionStack
  • Added Devices in geofences report
  • Added ability to use multiple SETFLAG tags on formula
  • Added ability to limit the number of GPRS commands sent to devices
  • Optimized devices load on sidebar
  • Optimized alert schedules store and check
  • Optimized device filter with group id
  • Optimized import file reader for KML
  • Optimized alerts check load
  • Fixed position drifting with batch history packages
  • Fixed accuracy for fuel change calc
  • Fixed Overspeed Custom reports
  • Fixed Virtual Odometer count
  • Fixed user self edit policies
  • Fixed fuel consumption count with multiple fuel sensors
  • Unregistered devices table moved to main DB
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