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  • Fixed DMT Bolt2 alarms
  • Fixed Teltonika temperature
  • Improved MD500S decoding
  • Improved JM-LL301 support
  • Fixed TLT2H LBS decoding
  • Added client info to user
  • Added global GPRS/SMS command templates
  • Added SMS command assignment by protocol
  • Added plugin to display geofence name instead of geo address
  • Added GPSWOX mail provider
  • Added JSON format to reports
  • Added state select for fuel change alert
  • Added ability to search drivers
  • Added ability to view driver's activity log
  • Optimized device load on map.
  • Optimized device import.
  • Optimized positions write.
  • Optimized duration alerts check.
  • Fix device media delete with permission problems
  • Fix google maps copyright logo
  • Fix viratual engine hours calc.
  • Fix report with daily splitting
  • Fix positions write valid check
  • Fix Stripe subscription renew check
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