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  • Decode cell towers info for Huasheng protocol
  • Basic ARNAVI4 binary protocol implementation
  • Decode input and output for Meitrack protocol
  • User permissions seeder fix
  • Added device image widget
  • Implemented support for iButton in Suntech protocol
  • Decoding of additional data for Blue protocol
  • Added support for Wifi networks in Huasheng protocol
  • Added Device widget full address plugin
  • Implemented automatic GPS activation tool
  • Fixed ADC decoding for Suntech protocol
  • Decoding of driver behavior in Bce protocol
  • Added RTL direction support
  • Duration formatter fix
  • Added support for UDP protocol in Esky protocol
  • Model properties policy apply to admin role
  • Fixed checksum calculation for Gator protocol
  • Fuel change alert direffence value fix
  • Added fuel graph widget
  • Command weekly scheduler fix
  • Report Overspeed in geofences fix
  • Convertion of decoded values for Bce protocol
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