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  • Implemented Blue ET700 protocol
  • Implemented additional server response for Blue protocol
  • Ignore no GPS data for PST protocol
  • Device protocol show by permission fix
  • Fixed UEX message decoding for Suntech protocol
  • Device expiration reset via API fix
  • Implemented PST open protocol
  • Fixed frame decoder for Blue protocol
  • Device expired/expiring templates fix
  • Added Malay language
  • Fixed frame decoding issues for Omnicomm protocol
  • Device expiration display in device popup
  • Alerts with event table check fix
  • Events endscroll fix
  • Device and POI icons seeding fix
  • Report daily file delete fix
  • Added engine data support for PacificTrack protocol
  • Implemented decoding of fuel data for BCE protocol
  • Widgets inline margin fix
  • Added driver license support for GT06 protocol
  • Device transformers fields permisions fixes
  • Implemented decoding of BLE location for Minifinder2 protocol
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