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  • Added Lock widget
  • Decode X1 ADC values
  • Updated OpenCellId geolocation
  • Implement Sigaba OutSafe protocol
  • Decode additional Huabao attributes
  • Alert sharing plugin expire duration with text field
  • Implement Solar Powered GPS protocol
  • Fix ST600STT ignition decoding
  • Dashboard tasks status count fix
  • Updated DMT Protocol to display additional data
  • Add TT11 protocol support
  • Importer CSV reader format validation fix
  • Sent command log time format fix
  • Added Idle duration alert
  • Implement PacificTrack protocol
  • SMS gateway app last connection time format fix
  • Send correct XML response for Globalstar protocol
  • Implement Omnicomm protocol
  • Handle no GPS data for Omnicomm protocol
  • KML POI import filter by Point placemark
  • KML Geofence import by Polyline placemark
  • Implement VNET TG102 protocol
  • Door sensor value translations change to display appropriate values
  • Decode state attributes for Castel protocol
  • Implement Motor protocol
  • Implement RST protocol
  • Corrected report translations
  • Decode battery voltage for GT06 protocol
  • Added support for second ADC value in Teltonika protocol
  • User device limit reach check fix
  • Negative virtual engine hours fix
  • Decode additional Huabao attributes
  • Decode X1 ADC values for GT06 protocol
  • Support Suntech ST390 protocol
  • Decode temperature and humidity for Upro protocol
  • Decode inputs and outputs for Suntech protocol
  • Added ignition decoding for RST protocol
  • Device camera display fixes
  • Decode additional data for Naviset protocol
  • Support Farnear protocol
  • Service reminder fix
  • Implement RFID support for GT06 protocol
  • Added support for additional Xirgo attributes
  • Braintree payment gateway default configuration fix
  • GPS Camera security update
  • Public servers subscription renew link fix
  • Implement Race Dynamics protocol
  • Decode Kimax weight sensor data
  • Events route fix
  • Task API fixes
  • Ability to disable device moving animation
  • Device group edit view fix
  • Fuel change alert positions order fix
  • Fuel change alert confirmation check fix
  • Added optional fields for device export
  • Added missing alarms for RaceDynamics protocol
  • Adjust Gelileo photo decoding
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