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  • Camera/media and camera/dvr tools are released. You can check more about them in user manual https://www.gpswox.com/en/user-manual/tools-camera
  • StatCount clone fix
  • Decode multiple temperature sensors
  • Inserts engine hours offline duration value change
  • Translations updates
  • Support VT33S protocol
  • Remove regex pattern
  • Update SDK version on Android tracker app
  • Support Micron protocol
  • Fix "311: No GPRS connection" error in GpsSendActivity.java;
  • API user expired login fix
  • Routes draw method by key set prop
  • POI import validation changes
  • Virtual odometer sensor value count fix
  • Load report changes
  • Schedules validator fix
  • Fuel level alert percentage threshold change
  • Scheduler exact time validation fix
  • Reports geofences touch all bug fix
  • Device store date fields validation
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