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  • Added Italian language on Android mobile client.
  • Watch protocol updated.
  • Huabao protocol updated.
  • Overspeed report update.
  • Reports bug fixed.
  • Event datetime format fixed.
  • Commands fix for applications.
  • Driver change event type message format fixed.
  • Public server subscription expired error display fixed.
  • Decode additional GT06 data.
  • Decode T800x satellites.
  • Demo user policies fixed.
  • Date format update.
  • Additional ITS attributes added.
  • eeLink OBD data support added.
  • Upload logos validation fixed.
  • Login page buttons size fixed.
  • Bypass invalid coordinates according to protocol.
  • Routes report changes.
  • Streetview fixed.
  • Catalan language added.
  • Support for decimal heading values added.
  • Additional A7W alarm added.
  • Content tab overwrite load fixed.
  • Chat message fixed.
  • Route fix for address auto complete.
  • Manager accessable devices fixed.
  • Device set forward fix.
  • Implemented Globalstar protocol.
  • Support letters in device ID added.
  • Support ITS EMR messages added.
  • Support Suntech serial data added.
  • Device get current engine status fixed.
  • Implemented Sanul protocol.
  • Implemented missing ITS attributes.
  • Improvements of frame decoder.
  • Fixed lint issue.
  • Subscriptions migrations fixed.
  • Composer lock fixed.
  • Permissions table load issue fixed.
  • Handle messages without delimiter.
  • Subscription permissions fix.
  • Braintree gateway setup fix.
  • Subscriptions migrations forgein key fixed.
  • Implemented Pebbell protocol.
  • Subscription renew route fix


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