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  • Sierra Wireless GX440 login support added
  • Fifotrack photo support added
  • Cguard battery voltage support added
  • Teltonika checksum fixed 
  • Teltonika photo support added
  • Enfora UDP support added
  • ITS protocol updated
  • OwnTracks decoder fixed
  • Box protocol updated
  • L100 ACK implemented
  • Unregistered devices shows IP
  • Object parameters soring by parameter name in sensor setup added
  • Filter for older than 90 days data from device added.
  • Filter for data newer than 1 day from device added.
  • Myanmar flag added
  • Norwegian language added
  • Burmese language added
  • User ID and email added to webhook
  • Translations updated
  • Battery set as updatable sensor
  • User logout after password change fixed
  • SMS services updated
  • Protocol name hide fixed
  • DEMO user role fixed
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