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Renewal of Teltonika protocol parameters:

  • io9 -> adc
  • io66 -> power
  • io68 -> battery
  • io85 -> rpm
  • io182 -> hdop
  • io239 -> ignition

Additional updates:

  • tk103 protocol updates: addition of temperature sensor support
  • calamp protocol updates: compatibility updates
  • minifinder protocol updates: parameter names being shown instead of flags
  • additional support for these protocols: idpl, huasheng, granit
  • stop time has been added in main popup window and mobile apps
  • ability to change default calendar start day(Monday/Sunday) in Setup->Main
  • ip address ban
  • objects->edit->advanced new tickbox "show gprs templates commands only", by ticking it, you will see only your custom gprs commands via Tools->Send command->Select device
  • bugfixes and performance updates