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Track you family with Family Locator App

GPS tracking has become a common activity for businesses that have a fleet of vehicles to manage. It allows them to know the location of their vehicles at any given time and to estimate deadlines for tasks. One of the most renowned software for this purpose is GPSWOX. It is a high quality fleet management system that was introduced in 2014, but gained traction quickly due to the features and benefits it provided. The software has continued to expand and is now also offering a family locator app. Yes, now, you can use the GPS tracking ability of the software for keeping track of your family.

During these uncertain times and high crime rates, it is a major concern for people to know where there family members are. Parents, in particular, want to know the location of their kids in order to ensure they haven’t gotten lost or gone somewhere without informing them. This feature can offer peace of mind to parents and other family members alike because it can reduce security concerns by a huge extent. The GPSWOX family mobile phone tracking app app can be downloaded on your smartphone free of cost and can be used for tracking family members and also for communication purposes.

The app’s settings can be customized so that you are sent automatic alerts when family members arrive at a particular destination. For instance, you will be informed when your kids have reached home or school or when your spouse has reached work. It is an excellent tool for keeping your family safe because it shows their real-time positions on a private map. This means you can know their exact location at any given time. There is also a side benefit of using the family locator app. It can come in handy for locating any stolen or lost phones via GPS tracking.

Hence, not only can GPSWOX family locator app great for keeping your family safe, but it also protects your belonging from theft. One of the most notable benefits of this app is that it can be a blessing in times of an emergency. Children often have a tendency of getting lost and you can tap the ‘Emergency’ button provided, which will immediately give you the exact location of your kids. Moreover, not only can you check the current location of your family members, but also historic locations. This enables you to keep track of exactly where they have been.

The family locator app can instantly notify if any person is trouble. In addition, it is a wonderful way of staying connected as you can send messages to the entire family with only a single click. Parents can also stay informed on how their kids are driving their vehicles as they are instantly alerted if they go over the speed limit. This can be helpful in reducing accidents. You can download GPSWOX family locator app on your Android or iOS smartphone from their respective stores. It is free with limited features and can keep be useful in keeping your family safe.     

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