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Mobile World Congress

Date: Feb. 27 - 2 March, 2017
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Since GPSWOX is a leading GPS tracking solutions company, we are constantly working to improve our operations using all modes of learning. This year we attended the biggest event on mobile innovation, The Mobile World Congress 2017, to get information on how to expand our services through the advances made in technology.

The four days spent at Fira Montjuïc and Fira Gran Via in Barcelona went by in a flash attending information sessions, seminars, networking events and brilliant exhibits. There were over 108,000 people in attendance with 2,300 companies representing their companies in the nine halls and eleven outdoor areas. Ideas on driverless cars, virtual reality, ingenious apps, privacy protection, 3D printing and backend solutions were shared using the MWC platform. We came to know how many companies like ours are streamlining their processes using cutting-edge products. These products were showcased under the NEXTech banner featuring the different arenas mobile technology is contributing and making differences in.

The event is also committed in their support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of ending poverty, combating climate change and fighting injustice and inequality. These goals are imbued into various conferences and networking sessions held throughout the few days. A Women4Tech program was dedicated to highlighting women and their contributions to the mobile industry, advocating for gender-fair hiring processes and promoting female leadership. Through conversations with the many pioneers in attendance GSPWOX has gained new insights into giving back to the environment, being fair in our practices and taking up corporate social responsibility with much more vigor.

The conference program featured unique and diverse speakers from multiple consumer brands and organizations to share their knowledge and work philosophies with the attendees. Notable personalities from the automotive, banking, health, advertisement, education and entertainment industries who have benefited greatly from the increased integration of mobile technology were also keen to talk about their experiences, successes and failures with Netflix Founder and CEO Reed Hastings being the keynote speaker.

The event’s collaboration with over 29 visionaries in the sector resulted in Partner Events, Technology Sessions and Power Hours that explored themes of Consumer IoT, Networks, Platforms and Content & Media among other topics. The 4FYN program was designed to help visitors and exhibitors network and led to GSPWOX building contacts with representatives from several companies.

The 4-day event was a great opportunity for GSPWOX to explore new horizons and expand their vision. 

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