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  • Added support for GL501M protocol
  • Device overview dashboard count issue resolved
  • Added support for Teltonika beacon data
  • Decoding of additional data for Starlink protocol
  • Geofence import fixes
  • Implemented support for external power for Huabao protocol
  • Driver identification support for Suntech protocol
  • Implemented FutureWay protocol
  • Implemented Globalsat commands
  • Fixed issue with Cellocator acknowledgement
  • Invalid data filtering for Globalstar protocol
  • Device plans expiration fixes
  • Fixes for Fifotrack status pattern
  • Fixes for inputs and outputs for Meiligao protocol
  • Added support for Polte API
  • Supporting of Atrack camera
  • Added Its protocol odometer decoding
  • Additional message support for Bofan PT500
  • Added support for additional EElink alarm
  • Password reset notification action link fix
  • Framework upgrades
  • Meitrack TC68L additional data support
  • Fixed history list with events
  • Fixed countable in sensor validation
  • Mail config cache fix
  • Geofence import validate float radius fix
  • Geofence in/out grouping fix
  • Address by geolocation route fix
  • Added tasks sorting and ability to view all assigned devices tasks
  • Alerts/reports for inactive users are disabled
  • Device plans view fix
  • Sensors group with removed sensor fix
  • Huasheng protocol engine hours support
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