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  • Auto backup empty ftp host check fix.
  • Ruptela RequestPhoto command added.
  • Implemented Radar Trio protocol.
  • Fixed coordinates decoding.
  • Implemented Fifotrack commands.
  • Kernel CheckSchedulesCommand declaration fix.
  • Added API to get command types by protocol.
  • Command schedule job fix.
  • Subscribable scope fix.
  • Get devices commands list fix.
  • Implemented TechTLT protocol.
  • Report device select fix.
  • Sent command log fixes.
  • Added ITS protocol commands.
  • Implemented Starcom protocol.
  • Support binary custom command.
  • Report xls save path fix.
  • Reports Duration Stat namespace fix.
  • Send commands API device list fix.
  • Device popup altidude units fix.
  • Reports get location fix.
  • Stripe payment fix.
  • Support GV300CAN driver behavior.
  • Weekly schedule fix.
  • Minutes range fix.
  • Timezone corrections.
  •  Empty polygon bound fix.
  • Decoded additional BCE attributes.
  •  Current sensor value fix.
  • Memory limit increase for objects controller.
  •  Fuel price for gallons fix.
  • Expire notification bug fixes.
  • Updated Avema protocol decoder.
  • Implemented new Mictrack protocol.
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