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  • Automatic backup service improved. Clients can order backups on cp.gpswox.com and system automatically will start backup service.
  • Google Maps business POI can be enabled for more details on the map.
  • Arabic translation improved.
  • Hungarian and Georgian languages added.
  • Driver change alert added.
  • Device data forward added.
  • H002 protocol update.
  • C2STEK protocol implemented.
  • GT06 ICCID support added.
  • GV300W CAN decoding fixed.
  • GT06 Lango OBD data support added.
  • ADM CAN data support added.
  • KHD / Sabo SPG02B extended data support added.
  • PT60 cell information decode added.
  • Suntech MODE shows as 'status'.
  • GPS103 decoding improved.
  • PT100 protocol support added.
  • Wristband protocol updated.
  • Quecklink GTSTC messages handling added.
  • Alternative Atlanda L100 format support added.
  • Nyitech NT-183W protocol added.
  • ITS login response added.
over 100k users
1550k units tracked
145 billion data points collected