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  • Offline duration alert added
  • SOS alert added
  • Driver change alert added
  • Service maintenance panel added
  • New widget: Location -- shows full address on the dashboard
  • Protocol name with port can be seen when creating new events
  • SOS default command added on most of protocols
  • Default driver assign on driver creation panel added
  • Sensor calibration limits updated to 100 rows
  • Google geocoder now works on HTTPS
  • Object selection zoom fixed
  • Spanish translations fixed
  • Report generation memory limit increased
  • BCE protocol commands added
  • Intellitrac speed decoding fixed
  • GPSMTA battery level fixed
  • Watch frame decoder simplified
  • Galileo extended status added
  • X1 GPS RFID data decoder added
  • MT80 Megasteck watch support added
  • ITS alternative messages added
  • Ericar alternative delimiter added
  • GPS103 decoder updated
  • AutoTrack response implemented
  • Nominatim URL updated
  • MT600 Plus message format support added
  • H02 alternative SOS and commands added
  • Handling for GV300 empty CAN fields added
  • GV500 GTFRI decoding improved
  • XRB 28 protocol implemented
  • GV300 and GV65 CAN data support added
  • Teltonika Extended codec 8 added
  • ST600 empty values handling added
  • VIN for Teltonika added
  • ITS AIS140 improved
  • Sysomate TMD-300 added
  • TR30 Track-pro from Iridium implemented
  • ITS speed decoding fixed
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