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  • Alert check after every position fixed
  • Alert schedule known error fixed
  • Version updated to
  • Fuel filling last, current, difference updated
  • API for report types updated
  • API report for geofences updated
  • Geofence alert checking updated
  • Multiple languages translations updated
  • Stop minutes select in history added
  • Trait search added
  • Object delete popup updated
  • User email removed from password change dialog
  • 'Show Address' tool updated
  • Google Map tiles maximum zoom increased for better accuracy of map view
  • Object import toggle for field visibility added
  • Added function to insert unchanged positions every 10 minutes
  • Invalid IMEI inserts fixed
  • Filter users with policy of show added
  • History performance increased
  • Service expiration renew fixed
  • Display messages when no sensor found on the object added
  • Support photos for Galileo
  • Applet protocol implementation added
  • Concox X3 additional alarms added
  • Atrack message sample added
  • Suntech ST410 support added
  • Milesmate protocol added
  • Additional Meitrack alarms added
  • Freematic decoder fixed
  • Prime 07 protocol added
  • Coban 306A OBD decoder implemented
  • Alternative GT06 info message added
  • Upgrade to Java 8 
  • Atlanta OBD CAN data implementation added
  • Anytrek VT1611 protocol implementation added
  • OpenGTS time decoding fixed
  • TZ RD06 temperature parameters added
  • SmartSole protocol implemented
  • ITS protocol implemented
  • Tramigo frame decoder fixed
  • Vodofo protocol added
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