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School Bus Tracking

Every manager or director, who cares about its students safety, should be concerned about the buses, which are being used for picking up the pupils from home to school. School bus tracking is definitely one of the easiest and most reliable way to control and track a bus and its driver in real time. A school bus tracking system helps to find out where your school buses are, when they arrive at the exact locations or stops to rest.

School bus GPS tracking system can also be used for tracking drivers actions. It does not mean that you will have to consistently follow the each step the bus driver will make. You will be able to see if the driver exceeds the speed limit or he misses one of the houses where the kid had to be taken from.

More precisely, GPS tracking for school buses is a irreplaceable system for improving a safety of the kids, driver itself and of course bus.


1. School bus tracking system helps to increase driver skills, save fuels and track a bus in a real time;

2. Ability to adjust bus routes or stops if there is such a need;

3. Ensures the safety of kids.


GPSWOX school bus tracking system is very easy to install and use. What you need, is to get our software and use it together with school bus tracking app that can be downloaded online for Free. Track your school buses in real time and get the most important notifications and reports to your smart phone, computer or tablet that has the internet connection.

Still have some questions that must be carefully analyzed before beginning to use GPS tracking system? Do not hesitate and contact one of our company consultants, who will help to find all the answers.

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